TOWIE's Vas J Morgan on Gemma and co: 'They're a pack of Mean Girls'

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TOWIE's Vas J Morgan has branded Gemma Collins and some of his co-stars a "pack of Mean Girls" after last night's episode.

Viewers of the ITVBe show saw Gemma discussing Vas and his best friend Lauren Pope with Ferne McCann, Chloe Sims and Danielle Armstrong on last night's show.

TOWIE episode 8 July 2015: Vas and Lauren talk


Vas chatting to Lauren last night.

Things have been tense between Gemma and Vas and Lauren since Marbs, while Danielle also voiced annoyance at Lauren last night after she heard Lauren had been at a party where Danni's ex-boyfriend Lockie was flirting with another girl, newbie Verity.

When Danielle said she wanted to confront Lauren, Gemma replied: "She will just blink and deny it and ring her mate Vas to dig her out. Lauren is who she is. All that Botox, face lift, nose operation… she's tried to change it. Who she is comes through. She's a rat. A dirty rat."

Vas took objection to that via Twitter, saying: "A pack of Mean Girls they are. Shame 'GC' couldn't call Lauren a rat to her face last week…"

As for the idea Lauren would call Vas for help, he simply said: "And you know I'm here waiting to answer that call @LaurenPope."

TOWIE episode 8 July 2015: Vas and Lauren talk



Later in the episode, we saw Chloe, Ferne, Jess Wright and Billie Faiers asking Bobby why he went to tennis with Vas and Lauren after the Gemma row and was it not awkward?. "It was positive. It was nice. I was treated like an equal," said Bobby.

Chloe wasn't convinced: "I know Vas and Lauren very, very well and if you think they'll take you under their wing you are very much mistaken. Vas will be off in LA soon and forget all about you. Lauren will be off doing her thing. And where does that leave you?"

Billie added: "You don't want to be in that situation where Vas and Lauren are invited you out to wind Gemma up more."

A fan later tweeted at Vas: "To paraphrase Chloe Sims to Bobby "@VasJMorgan & @LaurenPope have successful lives & careers so they aren't always in #Brentwood" #TOWIE."

Vas replied: "The jealousy tonight is real."

Meanwhile, Lauren responded to accusations she shouldn't have been partying with Verity and Lockie which was upsetting Danielle by retweeting a follower who said: "I swear you have to be friends with the girl to have girl code?!? Why she expecting you to control her EX man?!?"

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