John & Tony Alberti surprise their co-stars with Love Island return!

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Love Island's twins John and Tony Alberti were the first contestants to get the boot, so you can imagine their co-stars' surprise when they returned to the villa...

Given the opportunity to head back into the villa after their short-lived stay earlier this series, John and Tony surprised Jessica Hayes and Lauren Richardson as they joined them for a date.

The girls were speed dating five new guys with the hope to pick one potential suitor to join them on the show, but had no idea that in the process they'd be joined by TWO familiar faces.

John and Tony Alberti return to Love Island
6 July


As the twins made their grand entrance, it's safe to say Jess wasn't exactly too pleased to see them at first. Turning to Lauren, she said: "Shut up! What are they doing here? F***** hell."

Things hadn't ended well between herself and Tony after their first date when he joined the villa during Love Island's launch night.

The Italian had chosen Jess to get to know a little better, prying her away from Josh Ritchie who she was coupled up with at the time. A few glasses of champagne later, Tony realised Jess wasn't the girl for him and the famous 'who pied who?' debate began.

While Jess insists she chose to leave Tony and go back to the villa to be with Josh, viewers watched him tell Jess she should leave to be with her beau several times. Their conflicting opinions caused major chaos between the guys and the girls in the villa and as a result, Tony and his twin John found themselves booted out after no girls decided to couple up with them.

Latecomer Naomi Ball then revealed who actually did get get pied on Jess and Tony's date, causing many of the group to fallout with Jess and label her a game player.

Not surprisingly then, she wasn't happy to be reunited with Tony. Although, it seems she did have a change of heart by the end of their brief double date.

John and Tony Alberti reunite with Jess Hayes on Love Island
7 July


Shrugging off their previous encounter as "old news", Jess and Tony appeared to wipe the slate clean - even if they did make a few little digs at each other.

When Lauren asked Tony what sort of girl would be his type, Jess quipped: "Obviously not me because you weren't interested from the start."

Tony then hit back: "I like classy girls." He continued: "Someone who carries themselves well, knows how to act in public, well-mannered, travelled, who has a bit of culture behind them. I want someone who has looks and a brain as well. I want the whole package."

Despite the twins seeming to get her on their side by the end of their date night interrogation, Jess still wasn't convinced enough to pick one of them to join her in the villa.

Before revealing she potentially would date the twins on the outside, she told the boys: "I would get to know you guys on the outside 100%, but everything just went a bit sh*t in here."

Instead, she decided to rekindle her romance with former flame Max Morley and Lauren picked newcomer Ben, a 24-year-old from Wakefield.

The twins, meanwhile, headed back home to the UK following their brief return, telling their followers on Twitter they had a "blast" going back in.

Max Morley tells Jessica Hayes he wants to rekindle romance, Love Island
6 July


Jess and Lauren's night of dating comes after Josh and Max cooked dinner for five new girls - including Jordan Ring's ex-girlfriend Jasmine. Awkward!

The only single boys left in the villa, Josh and Max were given the opportunity to wine and dine a slew of lucky ladies, before picking one to join them on show.

While Josh decided to pick 22-year-old Poppy, Max decided to hold out for Jess, hoping she would shun the new boys in favour of him too.

Max and Jess had previously been coupled up, but he was quick to ditch her for Naomi.

He told Jess: "I've obviously f*cked up. We do get on well, we have a laugh, I kind of shot myself in the foot when I said I want to choose Naomi... I've had the opportunity tonight to meet new people and hand on heart, if you walked through that door I would 100% pick you. I obviously hope you do let me have the chance to make it up to you."

After watching the pair reunite, Naomi took to Twitter to inisist there were "no hard feelings" between herself, Jess and Max - despite previously revealing she wanted romance to blossom for her and Max on the outside.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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