TOWIE's Chloe Sims defends Gemma Collins, talks Lauren Pope friendship

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TOWIE's Chloe Sims has jumped to Gemma Collins' defence once again following her explosive argument with Lauren Pope, Vas J Morgan and Bobby Norris during Sunday night's episode.

Lauren and Gemma came to blows after Gemma took offence at Lauren impersonating her.

Earlier in the episode, Gemma, Chloe, Bobby, Danielle Armstrong and Jessica Wright were all laughing together as they talked about Lauren's facial expressions.

TOWIE's Chloe Sims, Jessica Wright, Danielle Armstrong laugh at impressions of Lauren - 5 July 2015.


(l-r) Chloe, Danielle and Jessica.

Gemma asked Bobby to do an impression and he attempted to do so, while Chloe also did one of her own.

Later on, an argument erupted at a pool party after Gemma confronted Lauren and Vas, and revealed that Bobby had also been impersonating Lauren behind her back.

Bobby denied this and claimed Chloe was the one doing the impressions.

However, it all kicked off, and as Gemma stormed off in tears, Bobby went after her and ended up having a drink thrown in his face.

Things kick off in TOWIE between Lauren Pope, Vas J Morgan, Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris, 5 July 2015


Gemma and Bobby.

Following the argument, both Vas and Gemma have hit back on Twitter, calling each other "bullies".

Chloe has already shown her support for Gemma, saying she thinks the fashion boutique owner was "bullied", and she wrote another message via Twitter last night.

Chloe said: "Here's a few facts for you all. Remember you only see 45 mins of 3-4 days filming... No one except cast/crew actually know what goes on... Or know us personally. I've not been friends with Lauren Pope for a long time initially over Mario, but since over issues not covered on the show.

"I feel that the way GC was spoken to was bang out of order, especially as she didn't start this argument to begin with, and had to see Lauren doing impressions of her first while her friend laughed. I am not a bully, I just don't let anyone talk to me how Gemma was spoken to, and never will."

Chloe continued: "Remember, only give what you can handle taking back. In other words, don't do impressions and get upset when other people do it back, no one on this earth is perfect. Also, I will not be reading any of your tweets for a while as I don't need to read negative tweets. Peace."

Earlier in the day, Chloe hit out at trolls for negative comments.

Beauty bar owner Chloe shared an image of a quote, which read: "If someone published a book of all the comments you've left on social media, would you be proud?"

She then commented: "This is for all the idiots who get sooooo caught up in TOWIE stories... It's an entertainment show for all those that send the cast including myself vile messages on a daily basis. If there wasn't any drama, bitching or back stabbing you wouldn't have anything to watch so save you negative comments.. #ridiculous."

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