TOWIE's Jessica Wright on Peter Wicks: "We're good friends"

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It looks like there won't be any romance on the cards for TOWIE's Peter Wicks and Jessica Wright after they both admitted that they won't be taking anything further.

But is it really the end?

TOWIE's Peter Wicks talks potential romance with Jess - 5 July 2015.



Pete was seeing telling James 'Lockie' Lock in last night's episode about his recent pool date with Jess: "I don't necessarily think there's that connection there," he said.

Pete then said he didn't need to have a chat with Jess about it because "there was nothing really going on".

Jess also told Gemma Collins, Danielle Armstrong and Bobby Norris: "As much as I think he's a really, really nice boy and I really do get on with him, what you see is what you get, he's a lovely person and really good looking... In my stage in life I don't want to be jumping into any relationship for the sake of it."

TOWIE's Peter Wicks talks potential romance with Jess - 5 July 2015.



Danielle said: "You want it to be with the right person," to which Jess agreed.

However, in a video after the show, Jess said she'll see how it goes with Pete.

"I'll catch up with Pete and explain that it was great and just how I'm feeling right now and see how he's feeling," she said."I'm not going to be snogging anyone. I'm not going to go back down that route again. He's gorgeous, we do fancy each other and we've got chemistry but we'll see what happens."

Confused? Us too! Well this will leave you even more baffled, as in another video, Jess said that there is absolutely nothing going on with her and Pete.

"Me and Pete have put whatever it was between us to bed. We both agreed separately and then mutually that it's just not going to happen. There's not really a spark there, Pete and Jess gate has been fully closed, but we are good friends, there's no awkwardness and it's very nice to be mutually agreeing on something."

So basically, we think they are just going to remain friends after all.

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