Love Island's Naomi Ball: "I bet all my money Jess will go after Max again"

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Love Island star Naomi Ball has said she wouldn't be surprised if her co-stars Jess Hayes and Max Morley rekindle their romance now she has left the villa.

On Thursday night, viewers watched as Naomi and newcomer Travis Almond were given the boot from Love Island, after receiving the least amount of votes from the public.

They joined Zoe Basia Brown and Max Morley in the bottom four and despite Max suggesting he would wait for Naomi if he was the one to go, she admits she would "bet all her money" the professional cricket player will now go back to former flame Jess.

Naomi Ball, Love Island Press shots, ITV2
1 June

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On her exit, Reveal caught up with the 23-year-old and she told us: "I would probably bet all my money that Jess will go after Max again and Max is a boy so I can see that happening."

While staying in the villa, tension had arisen between Naomi and Jess after she stole the guy her co-star was coupled up with on TWO occasions.

Initially Jess had been coupled with Josh Ritchie and on her entrance, Naomi soon picked the blue-eyed boy from Bolton to pair up with her. Things had got pretty serious between the two, with Josh and Naomi announcing they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend shortly after.

And while many thought they were Love Island's answer to Barbie and Ken, Josh's desire to take things to the next level with Naomi in the bedroom, and Naomi's attraction to Max, meant the pair eventually called time on their romance.

Naomi Ball and Josh Ritchie split, Love Island
29 June


Naomi with 21-year-old Josh.

Naomi Ball and Max Morley on Love Island
3 July


Naomi and cricket pro Max.

Soon after their split, Naomi turned her attentions to Max - who at that point was dating Jess - making a beeline for him instead. However, she couldn't shrug off her feelings for Josh quite that easily and was accused of leading both boys on.

For that reason, the former Candy Kitten told us she knew she would be next to leave the show.

"I wasn't that surprised. I kind of knew that the public weren't thinking of me that favourably," she admitted. "I should have been more clean cut with how I dealt with the Josh and Max situation and stopped talking to Josh. But it's hard when you're in there, it's not as black and white as that."

Jess Hayes and Naomi Ball have lunch, Love Island
3 July


Jess Hayes and Naomi Ball have lunch, Love Island
3 July


Despite being perceived as a bit of a player in the villa, Naomi insisted her feelings for both Josh and Max were genuine.

"I definitely have feelings for Josh," she explained. "I wouldn't have spent that much time with him and acted the way I did with him if I didn't. I've got nothing but good things to say about Josh... I would really like to see Max on the outside and see what could happen there, I think he's lovely."

Suggesting where she went wrong with the two, she said: "I played it in there how I would on the outside. I always like to have a bit of intrigue and a bit of mystery, but I think that came across as me being stand-offish and calculating."

Both her romances with Josh and Max left a sour taste in her co-star Jess' mouth, and the girls came to blows on several occasions.

Describing the situation between them now, Naomi told us: "Throughout the whole thing, I haven't had a huge problem with Jess, we're just very different. The way she carries herself isn't the way that I aim to. We're like chalk and cheese. We can live side by side each other, but we're never going to be best mates.

"I think the public always like an underdog and I was kind of the pantomime villain in this whole situation, I'm still not entirely sure what I did wrong, but I think Jess has come out of it a lot better than I have."

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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