Exclusive: TOWIE stars admit: "We're getting a bit bored of Jake Hall & Chloe Lewis"

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TOWIE stars Mario Falcone and Ferne McCann have said the cast are "getting a little bit bored" of Chloe Lewis and Jake Hall's on/off romance.

Since the couple hit the Essex scene earlier this year, viewers have watched Jake and Chloe struggle to work out their issues when it comes to their relationship.

After pulling out all the stops to win back his former flame, Jake and Chloe finally revealed they were officially back together again during the TOWIE cast trip to Marbella. But landing back home again in Essex, problems have arisen for the pair and it seems their co-stars have had enough.

TOWIE episode to air 24 June: Jake's mad after seeing Chloe talking to Mario at club


Reveal caught up with Mario Falcone and Ferne McCann recently to get the latest on the Essex gossip, and the pair revealed Jake and Chloe's love story was becoming "monotonous".

After growing closer again, Chloe had put Jake on a trial to test whether the pair could officially get back together. Pleased with her beau's efforts in Marbella, she and Jake decided to give their romance another go, but were soon questioning their decision after coming to blows several times back home in Essex.

While Jake hit out at Chloe for following another guy on Twitter and flirting with their co-star Mario Falcone, she was left upset after seeing pictures of Jake with girls at a fashion after-party.

The pair then decided they needed some space to work out what they want, with Jake admitting to James Arg Argent he has some growing up to do.

When asked if he thinks Jake and Chloe can make it as a couple, Mario told us: "It's for them to decide. They have to ask themselves were they fine before they came on the show?"

Viewers have watched Jake lose his temper with Chloe on several occasions, but defending Jake's hot-headed nature, Mario insists it shows he cares about his girlfriend.

"He gets angry because he loves her," he explained. "It's hard, but it's a nice thing. How long have they been on the show, six months? All you've seen them do is get together, break up, get together – it's already getting monotonous for the cast let alone them."

Ferne then added: "I think we're all getting a little bit bored of it now."

Jake Hall and Chloe Lewis, Marbella
7 June

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TOWIE's Mario Falcone and Emma McVey look blissfully happy in Portugal - 9 June  2015.

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Despite Jake getting angry with Chloe for talking to Mario, the Italian Essex boy claims he doesn't think his co-star is threatened by him.

"I don't think that when Jake lost his cool this series, it was because of me," Mario told us. "It was more he felt like [Chloe] was winding him up and using me to do so. I spoke to him afterwards and me and him are sweet, we're fine. I don't think it was him being threatened by me, I think it was more he had been put on a trial and has been made out to be the bad guy, but in retrospect [Chloe] goads him and makes him the way in which he is."

Asked if his girlfriend Emma McVey is bothered by Jake implying he was flirting with Chloe, he said: "Things like that are very, very small in the bigger picture. I'm at home with Emma every night, we've got a new puppy and we're buying a house."

We'll take that as a no, then!

TOWIE's Jake Hall asks Chloe Lewis to move in with him - 5 July 2015.


TOWIE's Chloe Lewis and Jake Hall argue while house hunting, 5 July 2015


Since we caught up with Mario, fans of TOWIE saw Jake ask Chloe to move in with him, but she wasn't convinced it was the answer to their problems.

Previous to the show, the pair had dated for six years, but Chloe now thinks she and Jake are different people compared to when they first got together.

While Jake believed moving in could bring them closer together again, Chloe told him she doesn't think he really wants to be with her deep down.

"I don't know if we're at that place," she said. "It's lovely that you're coming to look at a place with me, it does mean commitment for you, I know that. But it's more than that, it's bigger than that, our problems.

"I don't feel in a good place to be buying a flat. I just think that I'm not who you want to be with. Deep down, I'm not the sort of person you want to be around. It's not the answer to what our problems are. Everything in my life is good, except you. We're bringing each other down."

Could this be the end for the pair's romance?

TOWIE continues Wednesday 8 July at 10pm on ITVBe.

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