TOWIE's Arg calls Lydia Bright his wife: marriage on the mind?!

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TOWIE's James 'Arg' Argent made us do a double take last night when he referred to Lydia Bright as his "wife" during a conversation.

Was there some secret wedding we didn't know about?!

Arg had been talking about a big family barbecue he was planning when he said: "I want to do the cooking just to show everyone that a, I'm this new, mature geezer and b, I can cook and look after my wife… sorry, woman!"

TOWIE episode aired 1 July 2015: Arg talks about Lydia


Could Arg be proposing soon?

Does Arg have marriage on the mind?!

It certainly seems so as later in the episode he quizzed Lydia's little sister Roma on whether she'd like him to be a part of the family.

He asked her: "Potentially one day would you love to be my sister in law and me to marry your sister?"

TOWIE episode aired 1 July 2015: Lydia's sister Roma


Lydia's sister Roma thinks it's a good idea!

Roma's answer? Yes! And soon! She replied: "You've been together seven years, that's long enough!"

Lydia joked: "Well if Roma says we have to do it, we have to do it!"

The happy couple actually told Reveal last month that a proposal could be on the cards soon...

Lydia told us: "It's not too soon for him to propose - I met him eight years ago! It's something we know is going to happen, he's probably just waiting for the right time. I want it to happen when I least expect it."

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