TOWIE's Jess Wright calls Lauren Pope out on Dan Edgar date

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TOWIE's Jess Wright has confronted Lauren Pope on the whole Dan Edgar dating situation.

We saw on the last episode that Lauren had accepted a date with Dan after Jess – who dated Dan last series – encouraged her to do so.

TOWIE episode to air 1 July 2015: Jess confronts Lauren


Jess confornts Lauren...

But in a later interview, we learned that Jess couldn't help questioning her friendship with Lauren on the back of that…

In tonight's episode, we'll see how unhappy Jessica is about the situation when she calls Lauren out on it during a brunch.

Eek. Can they resolve their differences or will there be drama?!

TOWIE episode to air 1 July 2015: Jess confronts Lauren


Lauren doesn't look too impressed.

Jessica shared a few dates with Dan on the last series of TOWIE before things fizzled out. Then, it emerged on Sunday night's episode that Dan had his eye on Lauren.

He arranged a group tramolining session and invited Lauren along before asking if she'd go on a one-on-one date with him. She said yes.

Lauren later said: "Dan is very chilled. He is not brash or loud. And you can't deny he is very handsome! My type is non cringey and funny. And he is funny and non cringey so at the moment he's winning!"

TOWIE episode aired 28 June: Lauren Pope and Dan Edgar talk


Dan asked Lauren out last episode.

But while Jess gave Lauren the go-ahead of the show, it soon emerged she had mixed feelings about it…

Jess had said: "I just think maybe she feels a bit awkward, which is understandable because it was quite soon after. I'd rather her just be honest and say, 'Look I quite like Dan, do you mind if I go on a date with him?' I'm really not fussed about her and Dan. Obviously my and Dan's ship sailed ages ago. It's really not a problem. I couldn't care less, it's fine cause she's my friend. Now I feel it's awkward and it's a shame.

"Naturally I question how much she cares about the friendship a little bit, I suppose, because it's something you just wouldn't do…"

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