TOWIE's Jake Hall explains fashion party: 'It's good for business!'

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TOWIE's Jake Hall has explained why he went to a fashion party with co-star Vas J Morgan after girlfriend Chloe Lewis revealed her annoyance.

On last night's episode of the show, we saw Chloe quizzing Jake on what happened at the party after she claimed to have seen images of him with other women.

Vas told Chloe that Jake had been speaking about her all night and the women were just friends of Vas who worked in the fashion industry.

And now Jake has had his say.

TOWIE episode aired 24 June 2015: Jake Hall talks to official website


In an interview with the official TOWIE website, he said: "I met Vas. We went to a fashion party as we always do and we bumped into some of Vas' friends who are also involved heavily in fashion.

"I have a business that I need to grow and meeting people like that is always good for business. It was work related."

Jake owns design businesses Prevu London and Domingo Rodriguez.

As well as getting upset about Jake going to the party, tensions flared between the couple over Chloe following another man on Twitter.

"Boys can DM girls and stuff. We know that happens," said Jake. "I don't think I'm in the wrong really. She has no connection to the person or anything like that. I know what boys are like so that's why I'm sort of annoyed about it. If I'm honest, it can't just me all the time changing constantly. This incident has proven she also does things that wind me up that aren't right."

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