TOWIE's Chloe Lewis hints at split from Jake Hall if things don't improve

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TOWIE's Chloe Lewis has said if things don't improve with boyfriend Jake Hall then they are heading for a split.

After getting their relationship back on track in Marbella earlier this month, it's all gone wrong back home in Essex, culminating in an explosive row on last night's episode.

TOWIE episode aired 24 June 2015: Chloe Lewis talks to official website


Speaking to the official website.

Chloe accused Jake of having double standards because he could talk to Lauren Pope, a girl he has kissed, while he got angry at her for following another guy on Twitter.

Speaking to the official TOWIE website, she said: "Vas thinks I play the victim. Not at all. I don't want Jake to look bad. I never have but if he does bad things that is how he will look. He's my boyfriend so I don't want him to look bad."

TOWIE episode aired 24 June 2015: Chloe L and Jake argue


Things kicked off with Jake last night.

Chloe and Jake were together for six and a half years before splitting. They reunited in Marbella earlier this month after Chloe put Jake on a "trial" in which he had to be on his best behaviour.

"We go way back. It's always been an issue with him doing things and it's okay and me doing things and it's not okay. I had tried to sort this over the last couple of years and I did think we had got through that and come out the other end but obviously not.

"I think I'll get to a point where I can't do it any more. I'm getting older now. I'm 24 I hope to be in a sturdy relationship and think about having children and getting married by the age of 27 so I don't want this to carry on going and be in the same position this time next year.

"I hope things are better but if they're not maybe we will have to go our separate ways, I don't know."

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