MIC's Sam Thompson gets Tiffany Watson's initials tattooed on his arm!

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Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson has had his co-star girlfriend Tiffany Watson's initials tattooed onto his bicep.

Reveal caught up with Sam earlier this month and the reality star had hinted he had a tattoo of a girl's name. Sam had asked us if we would ever get a partner's name etched onto our skin and when we asked the same to him, his reaction (an awkward silence and a quick change of subject) was pretty much a giveaway.


Sam Thompson gets Tiffany Watson's initials tattooed on arm, Made In Chelsea
22 June

© E4

Proving us right, Sam showed off his new body art during last night's season finale of Made In Chelsea.

Earlier this series, Sam rekindled his romance with former flame Tiffany Watson. The pair initially got together last year, but their relationship was short-lived after Sam confessed to cheating on Tiff.

However, after getting close again recently, the couple have decided to give things another go and it seems like things are getting pretty serious. So much so, that Sam has had Tiffany's initials T.W inked onto his bicep.

Showing off his new body art, Sam asked his good pal Georgia Toffolo if she liked his new tattoo. Not seeming too impressed, Toff questioned if the tat was real, before saying: "Are you actually having a laugh?"

"You need to reevaluate all of your life decisions," she told Sam. "I hate the font."

Sam Thompson and Georgia Toffolo, Made In Chelsea
22 June

© E4

Tiffany, meanwhile, seemed to find the whole idea of having her name on Sam's body quite funny. Revealing Sam's latest news to her sister Lucy Watson, Tiffany couldn't stop giggling as Lucy shook her head in disbelief.

"Are you serious?" Lucy said. "That's permanent!"

Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson fly to Mykonos
11 June

© Instagram / @samthompsonuk

Sam's tattoo gesture comes after he and Tiff confirmed they were back together again by enjoying a romantic break away in Mykonos together.

Despite dating onscreen, the co-stars had been keeping coy on their relationship status, but after sharing a slew of loved-up snaps from their holiday together, there's no denying Sam and Tiff are an item again.

Speaking to Reveal recently, Sam gushed about his girlfriend. He said: "The thing with Tiff is we get along so well. We're so easy in each other's company. She gets my jokes and not many people do!"

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