X Factor's Sam Bailey: 'I pretended to be a boy to get on football team'

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X Factor's Sam Bailey has admitted she pretended to be a boy as a child in order to join a local football team.

The 'Skyscraper' singer told ITV's Loose Women that the only footie team in her area was an all boys' club... so she cut off her hair, changed her clothes and pretended to be male to get in.

Sam Bailey appears as guest presenter on 'Loose Women' broadcast on ITV1 HD

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"I wanted to play football when I was young, I had long hair, and there was a boys' football team and they said 'You can't play because you're a girl'. They said 'The only way you can play for us is if you cut all your hair off', so I went home and got a pair of scissors and cut my hair off. I had curtains and I went out as a boy.

"I used to climb trees and I didn't want to do anything girly. I did this for a long time. I played [football] for two years and they didn't know, no one knew I was a boy. I had to wait until everybody had gone and then I had to go in [the changing rooms] and get changed afterwards. I was top scorer for the club!"

Guest presenter Sam - who is a mother of three - spoke about her past during a chat on Loose Women about a nine-year-old pupil named Joseph who is becoming Ellie-Jo.

Joseph's mother spoke out last week after her son deciding for himself that he wanted to be female. He will return to school next year as a girl named Ellie-Jo.

"If somebody had said to me at nine, ten 'you have an opportunity to be a boy', that state of mind I was in, I would have said 'yeah, go on'. It was nothing to do with sexuality, it was nothing to do with fancying girls or anything like that, it was just that I wanted to dress like a boy. I know so many people that were tomboys, I just didn't want to be a girl," said. Sam.

"It was a phase for me, it was a phase. I hadn't gone through puberty until I was sixteen, seventeen. I didn't start forming until then, so this boy that is nine years old, it might be going on for a long time, his mother is respecting that but my concern is when he starts to hit puberty, things will change, his mindset will change, kids have phases."