Love Island's Naomi Ball and Josh Ritchie make their romance official

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Love Island stars Naomi Ball and Josh Ritchie have made their romance official. Eek!

Since Naomi chose to couple up with Josh shortly after entering the house just over a week ago, the pair have been pretty smitten with each other, so it's no surprise they've decided to take their romance to the next level.

Yesterday, the guys and girls in the villa were told they were now all single and didn't have to stay in their chosen couples, unless, they wanted to make their couple official. And after a little persuading from Josh, Naomi let the 21-year-old keep her all to himself, telling their fellow contestants they were now boyfriend and girlfriend. Cute!

Naomi Ball and Josh Ritchie become an official couple, Love Island
21 June


The pair's decision came after the group received a text that read: "Islanders, this week the search for love continues. You are now single, unless you want to take yourself off the market by announcing that you are officially boyfriend and girlfriend."

While Josh immediately asked Naomi if she wanted to "go official", she didn't seem so keen leaving her beau a little red-faced in front of their co-stars. But after a private chat to discuss their future as a couple, the former Candy Kitten seemed to change her mind, telling Josh she wanted to stay in a couple with him.

"I obviously want to be in a couple with you still," she said. "And I don't want you to go with anyone else. I don't want to go with anyone else."

They aren't the first paring to go exclusive in the villa, with Jon Clark and Hannah Elizabeth announcing they are now boyfriend and girlfriend last week.

The pair confessed their feelings for each other with Jon telling playboy bunny Hannah: "I've found what I want. I want to put a label on us. I want to be like, together. Officially together."

Agreeing to take their relationship to the next level, Hannah revealed she was "dead happy" to be asked out by Essex boy Jon. "I can' believe I've come here and found my one," she gushed.

Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark, Love Island
18 June


Chris Baxter and Danielle Pyne, Love Island
18 June


Naomi and Josh's official coupling comes after the Love Island villa waved goodbye to former couple Chris Baxter and Danielle Pyne.

In a surprising twist, Hannah and Jon had to choose a couple to evict from the show, after being voted in as the power couple by the public. Settling on Chris and Danielle, Jon and Hannah explained they thought the couple brought the least to Love Island.

Following their exits, Reveal caught up with Chris and Danielle. While Chris told us he felt he had more to offer on the show, Danielle admitted she was "relieved" to finally be out.

Shortly after they left, newcomers Bethany Rogers and Max Morley took their place in the villa. Ahead of their entrance, Josh had told host Caroline Flack he had set his sights on Naomi and wasn't afraid to compete with Josh for her affection.

Max Morley, Love Island
18 June


Max instantly was attracted to blonde Naomi.

Bethany Rogers, Love Island
18 June


While Beth revealed she doesn't like Jess.

During last night's episode in a game of truth and dare, Naomi admitted if she wasn't with Josh, she would choose to couple up with Max. Will her latest revelation spur the cricket pro on?

Bethany, meanwhile, openly said she wasn't a fan of Jess Hayes after watching her on the show. Soon after entering the villa, Beth made sure to voice her opinions, leading the girls to majorly clash.

Calling out her co-star, Beth told Jess: "You are in here for all the wrong reasons. You've gone around every guy in here and you've gone for Omar because you want to stay in. That to me, that's fake. You have made an absolute fool out of yourself.

Not taking to her comments lightly, Jess hit back: "I'm not fake.. Don't come in here and cause s*** yeah. F*** off."

Something tells us these two are not going to see eye-to-eye...

Watch Bethany and Jess come to blows (Warning: Contains strong language and sexual references)

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