TOWIE's Ferne hits back at Tommy: 'I am NOT loose or a goer'

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Tommy Mallet lashed out at Ferne McCann in last night's TOWIE, declaring: "You're the loosest girl in Essex at the minute."

Very harsh, no?

TOWIE episode to air 20 June 2015: Ferne, Gemma and Billie


Tommy approached Ferne in Gemma's boutique.

We all saw in Marbs tension brewing between Tommy and Ferne after Tommy revealed he was furious at the girls for upsetting his girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou during a night at the villa.

Ferne had told Georgia: "It is embarrassing the fact you have this amazing relationship but in front of a big group of people he talks to you like a piece of s**t. Genuinely, I wouldn't have it. Don't ever get used to someone talking to you like that. That is not how you talk to woman. End of."

On last night's episode, Tommy tracked Ferne down at Gemma Collins' boutique to have a few more words...

"I'm not too happy," he said. "Everyone says I'm hot headed. I have a lot on my plate for my age. I have a lot of stress. The only time I show emotion is if I'm with Nelly or something happens and I lose my rag. I've always been like that."

TOWIE episode to air 20 June 2015: Ferne, Gemma and Billie


Ferne was left upset by Tommy's words.

He told Ferne her opinion was always too much, prompting her to reply: "That's my flaw then. My opinion being too much. Yours is sometimes you talk to your bird like s**t."

Tommy replied: "Sometimes I snap but I would do anything for my girlfriend. Ferne, you're a headache to be around. Everyone thinks it. Your mouth is too much. I have never done anything for you to start on me. You are the loosest girl in Essex at the minute. When are you ever going to settle down?"

Ferne, who split from longtime boyfriend Charlie Sims in March, replied: "I've only been single three months!"

"And I bet you've loved it," replied Tommy. "If you carry on you won't get another geezer in your life. A woman should have respect for herself. I wouldn't want my sister doing what you do."

Tommy then left the shop leaving an upset Ferne and a shocked Billie behind...

Now, Ferne has spoken out to defend herself, saying: "Just watched #Towie just to set the record straight I am far from 'loose' & a 'goer' @OnlyWayIsEssex this is character defamation!"

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