TOWIE's Gemma tells Vas: 'Go get another selfie with Rita Ora'

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TOWIE's Gemma Collins and Vas J Morgan trade more insults in tonight's episode of the show.

Now back home in Essex, things still aren't okay between them, following that revelation last week that Vas wouldn't share a villa with Gem in Marbella because he found her too overbearing and loud.

TOWIE episode to air 21 June 2015: Gemma and Vas


Gemma and Vas bump into each other in Essex.

The co-stars come face to face outside Gemma's boutique in this evening's episode, where the bickering starts again and insults fly.

Vas calls Gemma the "most delusional personal" he has ever met in his life, while Gemma lashes out at his celebrity lifestyle and friends, saying: "You're an A-list ponce. Go and sit with Rita Ora and get another selfie."


TOWIE episode to air 21 June 2015: Gemma and Vas


Insults soon fly.

Things kicked off between Vas and Gemma on Wednesday night's episode when Vas arrived late to Marbs and opted to check into a hotel rather than share a villa with Gemma, Bobby Cole Norris, Ferne McCann, Jess Wright and his best friend Lauren Pope.

He told Popey: "I think I'd rather sleep on the beach than sleep in a villa with Gemma Collins and Bobby Norris. Their loud energy, the noise, their bickering. It would be too much for me."

Gemma responded by telling Vas he was too intense and uptight...

TOWIE preview for second episode: Lauren Pope, Gemma Collins, Vas J Morgan and Bobby Norris


The argument started in Marbs.

In an interview with the TOWIE official website afterwards, Vas said: "I didn't want to stay at the villa with Gemma and Bobby because I find Gemma's personality a bit overbearing and drama follows her. I wanted to avoid that but unfortunately it didn't work. I'm easy breezy with Bobby, I have no issue with him.

"With Gemma, if I don't see her again I don't care. If I see her tomorrow, I don't care. I'm very indifferent."

He also defended having a string of famous friends including Rita Ora, Kendall Jenner, Lindsay Lohan and Jourdan Dunn, saying: "People really need to get over the fact that a lot of my friends are celebrities. I've known some half my life, I won't apologise for that."

TOWIE continues tonight at 10pm on ITVBe.

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