Love Island's power couple Hannah & Jon evict Chris Baxter & Danielle

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Love Island's Hannah Elizabeth and Jonathan Clark became the villa's first power couple last night, evicting Chris Baxter and Danielle as their first call of duty.

In an interesting twist during yesterday's live show, viewers had to vote for the couple they wanted to have all the power. But with power came great responsibilty as the chosen couple would then have to decide which of their fellow couples they would send packing.

Given just thirty seconds to make their decision, Hannah and Jon settled on newcomer Chris Baxter and his partner Danielle Pyne, claiming the pair brought the least to the show.

Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark evict Danielle Pyne and Chris Baxter, Love Island
18 June


Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark, Love Island
18 June


Ahead of Love Island's latest twist being revealed, couples were simply told that one pairing would be leaving the villa.

Unaware that they would have to decide the fate of their pals themselves, Hannah and Jon didn't look too pleased when Caroline broke the news, with the Essex boy shouting: "What are you talking about?!"

After choosing Chris and Danielle to be the couple to leave, Hannah gave reasons for their choice, telling Caroline: "Chris has only been here a few days, the rest are like our pure family - including Danielle, but she's not really cracking on with anyone. She had the chance with Luis, she's still not cracking on."

Jon added: "Chris B has come in and told me he liked Naomi, Josh is my boy, you stand by your boy, simple as that really.... They're the only couple I'm not as close to as everyone else."

As Chris and Danielle joined them in the live studio, Jon apologised to the pair explaining they had to make a decision and there were no hard feelings.

New boy Chris had only entered the villa two days ago and speaking about his exit, he said it was a "shame" to have left so soon as he never had the chance to prove himself on the show.

Danielle, meanwhile, expected it as she feels she is the least close to Hannah and Jon in the villa.

"We're very different," she said. "Plus Chris B has only just come in, so they have the least friendship with him. Immediately, I knew it was going to happen."

Chris Baxter and Danielle Pyne, Love Island
18 June


Chris and Danielle's exit comes after Hannah and Jon revealed they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Deciding to put a label on their relationship, the pair told the rest of the group they were now exclusive, sealing their romance with a steamy stay in the Love Island love shack.

Proving they're the perfect pair, the couple won the villa's latest task, seeing them transfer a fishbowl of cocktail into another just by using their mouths. Lovely.

Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark video call his parents, Love Island
18 June


As a result of winning, Hannah and Jon were awarded a special prize where they got to video call Jon's parents!

And luckily his mum and dad seem to approve of his new flame, with Jon's mum telling Hannah she had already bought a hat. Cute!

What was not-so-cute, though, was Jon's mum revealing she had watched and heard their bedroom antics the night before.

She told the pair: "Last night when you were in the hideaway, I sit most nights with a blanket over my head, and not only did I have to have the blanket over my head, I had to put my fingers in my ears as well!"

Awkward, much?!

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