Kylie Jenner: 'I've been bullied by the whole world since I was 9'

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Kylie Jenner says she's been bullied since the age of nine.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was in a reflective mood on SnapChat last night while talking with fans about ignoring criticism.

Kylie Jenner in a deleted scene from Kardashians, May 2015

© E!

Kylie on her E! show.

Kylie Jenner on a SnapChat message, 17 June 2015

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On SnapChat.

Kylie said: "It's kind of crazy I have four million people watch my Snapchats. Half of you guys think I'm weird, and the other half think I'm funny.

"But I've been bullied since I've been 9. From the whole world, it feels like sometimes... and I think that I've done a really great job in handling all this.

"There are bullies everywhere so this was just a little late SnapChat to tell whoever with their own bullies that the only opinion that really matters is yours and to never change.

"Now goodnight. Spread love, love you all."

Kylie has been in the public eye since she was a child. Now 17 years old, she was just nine years old when Keeping Up With The Kardashians began airing on E!

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