Natasha Hamilton: "I've found my happy ever after I've always wanted"

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Natasha Hamilton has hit back at comments she's a '4x4' mum, saying: "I haven't done anything outrageous, I've just tried to live a quiet life"

The '4x4' label refers to Natasha's four kids by four different dads, but the Atomic Kitten star has defended her choices, telling The Mirror: "I feel I would have been a worse mum staying in relationships that were detrimental to me and my children's happiness."

The mum-of-four revealed that although her situation wasn't what she wanted out of life, she's learnt that although she's always tried to do the right thing, the actions of her former partners were out of her control.

Natasha Hamilton and her sons Josh, Harry and Alfie and daughter Ella Rose, Twitter
15 March

© Twitter / @NatashaOfficial

Thing are going well for Natasha, she recently moved into a new family home with Big Reunion co-star Ritchie Neville. The couple are enjoying life with their eight-month-old daughter Ella, and the three boys.

Although the pair all now totally loved up, it was a surprise romance! Natasha and Ritchie met as teens, but never clicked. Natasha revealed: "I thought the boys in Five were arrogant and he thought we were gobby northeners."

That all changed when the duo got close during a Big Reunion tour in 2013, even though Natasha wasn't looking for anything, having recently separated from businessman Riad Erraji. Well, they do say love comes around when you're not looking!

Natasha Hamilton and Ritchie Neville enjoy date night, Twitter
21 February

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It was a bit of a shock for Natasha, who admitted she felt the timing was wrong. But things soon changed: "When the tour ended, we began writing music and I found myself falling in love."

And smitten Natasha hopes she's finally found her fairytale ending, saying: "I hope with all my heart this time it's forever and the happy-ever-after ending I've always wanted"

She added: "I don't think I've ever been as happy and secure."

And baby Ella has played a big part in Natasha's own self-acceptance, allowing the singer to find peace: "I want her to be proud of me, I feel like I never used to have a good opinion of myself but now I actually love me, because I'm not a nasty person. I haven't done anything outrageous, I've just tried to live a quiet life."

Well, life can't be that quiet with four young kids, but according to Natasha, Ritchie would love another addition to the super cute brood, so watch this space!

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