TOWIE stars react to Chris Pratt's impression of them!

Published Friday, Jun 12 2015, 16:33 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
During a recent appearance on Graham Norton, American actor Chris Pratt revealed he does a pretty good TOWIE impression, and now the cast have seen it for themselves!

Thanks to The Only Way Is Essex, we're all totally familiar with the Essex accent and the local lingo. But Hollywood actor Chris Pratt was taken by surprise when he stumbled across the reality show.

Apparently Chris' wife is totally hooked on TOWIE, and watches it so much that Chris has picked up the accent...sort of.

When Digital Spy showed the clip to born and bred Essex residents Georgia Kousoulou, Tommy Mallet, Chloe Lewis and Lewis Bloor, they weren't exactly blown away with Chris' skills.

Chloe Lewis, Tommy Mallet, Georgia Kousoulou, Lewis Bloor, watch Chris Pratt's TOWIE impression, June 2015

Georgia avoided critiquing the accent attempt altogether, and simply said: "Thank you Chris Pratt for being a TOWIE fan."

Tommy wasn't impressed at all, saying: "I don't sound nothing like that mate!"

Whereas Lewis took the opportunity to go all deep, and question how the TOWIE cast appear to the outside world. "Strange isn't it" he mused, "how they come to England for work and stuff, and the main thing they're drawn to is The Only Way Is Essex. It must be like watching aliens to them."

Lewis continued, "I'm sure they understand the concept of The Hills, but to hear us going "oh whatever, like shut up". They must think, 'Is this how these people live? 'Is this for real?' Is this normal?" All very good questions!