Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan: "I've got a boyfriend and I'm HAPPY!"

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It's official! Geordie Shore stars Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie are now boyfriend and girlfriend...

And Holly could not be happier!!

Last night (26 May), viewers watched as Holly and Kyle finally came face-to-face to sort out their relationship once and for all.

Throughout Geordie Shore's latest series, the pair had struggled to keep their romance going while living together with their co-stars in the Geordie Shore house.

Neither Holly or Kyle were keen to put a label on their relationship, but that only led to both feeling confused about where they stood with each other.

After leaving the house to clear his head, Kyle arranged for himself and Holly to have dinner. Convinced Kyle was going to end things with her, Holly prepared herself for the worst as she went to meet him.

But luckily for her, a nervous Kyle actually wanted to ask Holly to officially be his girlfriend. N'awww.

Watching the episode back, Holly confirmed she and Kyle are still very much loved-up and have been since that moment. Taking to Twitter, she tweeted: "I've got a boyfriend and I'm HAPPY."

We're glad to hear it, Hols!

Kyle Christie and Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore, Series 10, Episode 8
26 May


Kyle Christie and Holly Hagan kiss, Geordie Shore, Series 10 finale
26 May


Holly and Kyle deciding to go exclusive with their romance comes after the pair continually clashed while filming Geordie Shore.

Fed up with the constant arguing and interference from their co-stars, Holly decided to leave the Geordie Shore house in a bid to save her and Kyle's relationship.

While she was away, Kyle admitted to Charlotte Crosby and Marnie Simpson he couldn't see a future with Holly as it bothers him she has been linked previously to his friends.

Of course, it wasn't long until Holly found out what Kyle had said about her and everyone thought that 'Hyle' had sadly come to an end.

But after some time to clear his head and think about what he wants, Kyle decided to put Holly's past behind him once and for all, mustering up the collage to ask her out - the first time he has ever asked a girl to be his girlfriend!

Geordie Shore Kyle Christie and Holly Hagan, Confession Cam
27 May


In a new video released by MTV, Holly and Kyle reflect over their relationship this past series.

"Me and Kyle have been on a bit of a rollercoaster," Holly told the Confession Cam. "It's been difficult. We knew when we came into this house that it was either going to make us or break us."

"Fortunately it's made us", Kyle interjected, with Holly adding: "And we're the best we've been!"

She continued: "I'm really happy. When I went out on that date, I genuinely thought [Kyle] was going to finish with me. You couldn't even look at me, it was awful."

Her beau then cutely replied: "I was f****** nervous. I've never asked anyone in the world to be my girlfriend!"

Young love, eh!

To watch Kyle and Holly's chat with the Geordie Shore Confession Cam click here.

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