Made In Chelsea's Binky Felstead and Nicola Hughes bond over Alex Mytton

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Made In Chelsea stars Binky Felstead and Nicola Hughes have formed an unlikely friendship, despite clashing with each other at first.

At the beginning of MIC's latest series, Nicola had accused Binky of being fake towards her, but now it seems the girls have put their fiery encounter behind them, with the Chelsea newcomer turning to Binks for relationship advice - even if her boyfriend Alex Mytton is Binky's ex...

Nicola Hughes and Binky Felstead, Instagram
18 May

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On Monday's episode of Made In Chelsea, viewers watched as Nicola confided in Binky about her and Alex's romance issues.

The Irish beauty had been told her co-star Jess Woodley claimed to have "unfinished business" with her boyfriend, after hooking up with Alex a few times before he and Nicola got together.

Revealing all to Binky, Nicola said: "I'm actually, weirdly, having a bit of an issue with Jess at the moment. Jamie basically told me that Jess said to him in Barbados that there was unfinished business with herself and Alex and that if I wasn't in the picture, she'd be in there."

Offering her co-star some advice, Binky replied: "That's exactly what happened to me... as soon as I finished with Alex, she jumped into bed with him pretty quickly. I will always be a bit wary of Jess. You need to have a conversation with her. You don't want it to come between you and Mytton."

With that, Nicola told Binky it was really nice to have a normal chat with her and it seems their bonding over Alex has now made the pair quite good friends.

Taking to Instagram, Nicola shared a photo of herself and Binks and the pair look pretty cosy, with Binky planting a kiss on her new found pal. Cute!

Lucy Watson, Made In Chelsea
18 May

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Lauren Hutton, Made In Chelsea
18 May

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While Binky and Nicola may now be best buds, two Chelsea girls that still do not see eye-to-eye are Lucy Watson and Lauren Hutton.

Things have been pretty tense between the pair ever since Lucy accused Spencer of trying to hook up with her while he was dating Lauren.

Since then, Lucy has been avoiding Lauren and her co-star beau, but Spencer revealed in Monday's ep he wants to get back onto talking terms with his former flame.

With no intention of speaking to Lucy, Lauren told her boyfriend: "She tried to humiliate me. She tried to take a cheap shot."

She then continued to make digs about her co-star after dining in the same restaurant as Lucy. Spencer had sent Lucy over a bottle of champagne, but she and her date James declined to accept.

Spencer joked maybe James doesn't have a taste for the finer things in life, with Lauren quipping: "Well he is dating Lucy Watson."

When Spencer pointed out he too went out with Lucy, Lauren shot back: "We all make mistakes."

Awkward, much?!

Made In Chelsea continues Monday 25 May at 9pm on E4.

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