Holly Hagan questions future on Geordie Shore after Twitter rant

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Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan may be questioning her future on the reality show, after accusing producers of unfair editing.

On Tuesday night, viewers watched as Holly left the Geordie Shore house after arguing with onscreen beau Kyle Christie again.

Following an argument during a night out, Holly was then seen crying while in bed with Kyle, telling him she doesn't think he is happy with her. Kyle claimed he didn't understand why Holly was so upset, with his onscreen love interest leaving the house shortly after in an attempt to save their relationship.

Watching the episode back, however, Holly wasn't impressed, claiming there was a lot more to her and Kyle's fallout than what we saw.

Holly Hagan outside Radio 1, BBC Studios, London
31 March

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Unhappy with the way her and Kyle's argument had been portrayed, Holly took to Twitter to vent her frustration and fans were left speculating her future on the show, after the 22-year-old claimed she would never watch Geordie Shore again.

She tweeted: "Watching the show and I'm f****** glad I did.. The whole reason I was so angry and upset was COMPLETELY cut out!! What a f****** joke. Not watching #gshore ever again! Don't wish to be reminded of it... B glad when this series is over! Leave it in the past where it belongs."

"Looks like I'm crying for nothing half the time," she added. "Don't blame yas for giving me grief I look like a pure drip very clever edit."

Since series 10 of the show began, Holly and Kyle have struggled with their relationship while staying in the Geordie Shore house.

Despite both having strong feelings for each other (Holly drunkenly told Kyle she loved him, while he told Holly she was the best thing that has happened to him), the couple are still yet to call themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. And it seems not putting an official label on their romance has caused tension between the pair, with neither knowing where they stand with each other.

As a result, not only they have clashed with each other, but Holly and Kyle have fallen out with their co-stars as they too get involved.

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie, Geordie Shore, Series 10, Episode 4
28 April


Holly Hagan Geordie Shore, Series 10, Episode 6, MTV
12 May


Feeling the strain, Holly told Reveal she "definitely wanted to leave" Geordie Shore following her time in the house this series.

"It was probably the most difficult time of my life," she admitted. "Everything in that house is times a million and it's a lot of pressure as well. I've never really been in that house with somebody I really cared about, so for me it was very real."

She did add, that as much as she thought about leaving Geordie Shore, she doesn't think she ever would.

"If I ever was to leave, I think I would look back on the show and just wish I was there."

Fingers crossed Tuesday's episode hasn't changed her mind!

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 19 May at 10pm on MTV.

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