Davina McCall exploring animals' survival in Life At The Extreme

Published Monday, Apr 27 2015, 18:20 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Davina McCall is returning to TV with new show Life At The Extreme.

The former Big Brother presenter travelled to places including the Arctic to explore how animals survive on some of the most hostile environments on Earth.

Davina McCall filming on the Southbank for 'This Morning' outside ITV Studios 27 April 2015

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Four one-hour episodes will air on ITV showing how animals cope with conditions in the hottest, coldest, deepest and wettest places in the world.

On today's ITV's This Morning, Davina said: "I've just come back from the Arctic - and honestly, I do not like the cold at all! And I keep going to these places and thinking, 'Honestly, they've got me wrong' somebody, somewhere down the line they've got me wrong.

"I was running with cheetahs! Literally next to cheetahs and clearly I'm not running with it for very long. They were as tame as a cheetah can be and I was terribly respectful of them and very careful."

Davina was joined by an experienced wildlife production crew as she toured rainforests, snowdrifts and discovered what lurked at the bottom of the sea.

Her adventures include running with cheetahs in scorching sun, learning how polar bears cope in temperatures of minus 30 degrees celsius with 100 mile per hour winds, and examine how wales can live under water for 90 minutes using one breath of air.

Martha Holmes, executive producer of the series, said: "We're very excited to be working with Davina McCall on a series where fascinating wildlife meets adventure, an area of programming we're keen to continue exploring. Both elements are key to Life at the Extreme, which allows Davina to bring her unique enthusiasm and curiosity to each challenge and the encounters she has with a stunning array of animals in each location."