11 reasons why Sabrina The Teenage Witch was the best role model ever

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We heart Sabrina The Teenage Witch. A lot. We're all grown up now but she's still one of our favourite people on the planet and one of the best role models we had growing up. Smart, beautiful, friendly, kind, ambitious... she was just magical. (Sorry, we had to!)

Here's just why Sabrina Spellman was so fantastic:

1. Clever is cool

While other TV characters in our favourite shows hung around their lockers, goofed off in class and thought it was cool to skip school, Sabrina was ALL about the smarts. Way before Hermione Granger entered our lives, it was Sabrina who made it totally acceptable to be a school loving, A grade student. She was a fully-fledged member of the Science Club. And darn proud of it, as Salem would say. She did extra algebra. She won the science invention fair. She rocked in maths. Sabrina made doing well at school super cool and all of us 'geeks' loved her for it.

It's a Mad... Mad Season Opener' - Season Three - 9/25/98, After Salem insults an online friend while playing chess, he gets an unexpected visit from the man, looking to do bodily harm to the cat. Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina) also stars.

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2. Love your friends.

We all wanted a best friend like Sabrina. It felt like she would go to the ends of the earth for us – or, the ends of the Other Realm, we should say! Sure, she initially tried to screw up Valerie's chances to be a cheerleader – but hey, she was doing it as friend because it's a well known fact that cheerleaders sleep upside down from rafters of old barns. Usually, she did all she could for her friends - with and without magic. She even went to school with gross finger flu so Harvey and Valerie didn't have to serve lunch alone!

It's a Mad... Mad Season Opener' - Season Three - 9/25/98, Nate Richert (Harvey), Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina), Lindsay Sloane (Valerie),

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3. Family comes first

Family was the centre point of Sabrina – particularly the first three series. Case in point: she GAVE UP magic for the chance to see her mum again. Okay, it was just a test to get her Witch's License but she still did it! She also got over her reservations about her dad's new girlfriend because she made him happy. When she was given the gift of being able to speak with any deceased person in the world, she went for her grandmother. Any time she complained about her aunts, she learned an important lesson about why they were so wonderful. We loved Sabrina's close knit world. Even annoying cousin Amanda became a trusted friend.

t's a Mad... Mad Season Opener' - Season Three - 9/25/98, Aunt Hilda (Caroline Rhea) is envious when Aunt Zelda (Beth Broderick) invites Mr. Kraft to be her date at the school dance. Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina) also stars.

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4. Work hard and don't take things for granted

Sabrina was a freaking witch! She could have done anything she wanted! She had a magic credit card that allowed her to buy 30 sweaters in festive fall colours (although weirdly she couldn't stretch money to pay the rent… ) The point is, she could have turned into a spoiled brat but she didn't. She worked. And she worked hard! Part time at the coffee shop, as a sandman, in the pizzeria. Babysitting. And in a world where pop star and footballer are apparently the jobs all youngsters want, Sabrina had far loftier ambitions. She had her choice of five post-school career paths – Emerson, John Adams, ORU, Boston College and backpacking around the Universe. She wanted a good job with full benefits and she was going to work darn hard to get it!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Oh What A Tangled Web She Weaves

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5. Image isn't everything

It's an image obsessed world out there but Sabrina never caved in. Well, okay, one time when she wanted to lose weight to fit into her dress and dieted herself away so much she actually disappeared. And when she briefly shunned Harvey in his hairy beast stage courtesy of Cousin Susie. But, in general, she never aspired to be like anybody else or fit into the cool crowd. She didn't dress like the trendsetters (no non-matching socks for this girl!) and she certainly didn't want anyone else being her. Hello Valerie aka Sabrina Sirkhead, we are looking at you! She was herself, unique and we loved her for it.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Pancake Madness


6. Believing in true love

Forget about dating around, Sabrina was all about the all-encompassing, passionate, monogamous type of love. Harvey Kinkle. The boyfriend we all wanted. Cute, sporty, kind, compassionate and utterly, completely devoted to Sabrina. We heart him. And so did Sabrina. She believed in true love and soulmates right up until the moment she was meant to marry Aaron… but her heart told her all along it had been Harvey and they ran off into the sunset together. Sigh. If only we all had such a fairytale ending...

'First Kiss' - Season One - 2/14/97, Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) ignored Salem's warning that her kiss would turn Harvey into a frog.,

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7. If at first you don't succeed...

It feels like Sabrina was good at EVERYTHING. Maths, science, making friends, becoming school paper editor… if she wanted something she got it. But actually that's not always the case. Over the series we saw her struggling with some things – like singing, dancing and having her own radio talkshow. But she kept trying and trying and trying until she finally pulled the plug showing us all if at first you don't succeed, try again. But also don't be afraid to admit you can't be the best at everything

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Welcome Back Duke

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8. Everybody makes mistakes

Sabrina was the ideal student, friend, girlfriend, daughter. But, like all of us, she made mistakes. And she taught us that was okay - but it's better to own up to them. Getting an Other Realm fake ID? We see what a mess she gets herself into when she doesn't tell her aunts immediately. Lesson kids: 'fess up!

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Sabrina and The Pirates

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9. Treat thine enemy as you would a friend

Sabrina v Libby. The classic rivalry of the first three series. Libby called Sabrina a freak and geek. And Sabrina actually gave as good as she got - without crossing the nasty line. But we learned that even when we don't like someone, treat them as you would a friend. We always saw Libby as a nasty cheerleader but when Sabrina dug a little deeper she learned more: she had an awful mother, she loved her grandmother and she struggled with maths. We realised people can say mean things because they're jealous. Or sad. Or upset. The bottom line: treat everybody like you would want to be treated yourself.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Libby and Sabrina.

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10. Everybody loves positivity

No one likes a sombre, glum friend all the time and Sabrina was the absolute opposite! There's a reason she told her Halloween double to say 'I'd love to!' Sabrina was bubbly, peppy, enthusiastic - bordering on hyper at times. She always had a positive attitude and kept everyone's spirits up. Except perhaps for that whole wart/bedroom mirror debacle but, lets face it, a big giant wart on your face would make anyone grumpy.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Libby and Sabrina.

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11.Be kind to animals

Salem. Ah. Salem. After Sabrina, everyone's second favourite character on the show. Sabrina and Salem's relationship was brilliant. He was the cat we all wanted. She taught us to love pets. And cherish them and treat them well. If only ours had been able to offer us advice and keep us amused with anecdotes about his historical friends...

'First Kiss' - Season One - 2/14/97, Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) ignored Salem's warning that her kiss would turn Harvey into a frog.,

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On that note... we leave you with Sabrina and Salem's reunion for Funny or Die. Enjoy!