Blake Lively on parenthood: "I do everything, Ryan does nothing!"

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New mum Blake Lively has admitted she and husband Ryan Reynolds are competing to see who's name their daughter James will say as her first word.

The A-list couple first welcomed their daughter at the end of last year and since then, Blake and Ryan have been getting used to having a newborn on their hands.

And claiming she does more than Ryan does when it comes to parenting, Blake has said it's only fair for her baby girl to say 'mama' when she comes to speak.

Blake Lively on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
21 April

© YouTube / The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Blake explained: "We're total rivals... I hear [Ryan] like 'dada, dada' then I walk in the room and he'll be like 'mama'. How dare he do that! The word dada is banned in our household!"

"[James] has to say mama first. I do everything, [Ryan] does nothing," she joked.

First she says fatherhood has meant Ryan smells like poop all the time, now Blake has said her hubbie doesn't do anything when it comes to parenting... Something tells us Ryan won't be too happy!

Blake also mentioned that she and the Definitely Maybe actor are "already paranoid" about their little girl hitting her teenage years.

Explaining they have changed their basement into a cool room for their daughter to use, Blake revealed she has already asked Ryan to make some adjustments to it.

She added: "I asked Ryan to put in a window and he said 'a window going down to the basement? That doesn't make any sense'. I said, 'you were a teenage boy, we cannot have our daughter, our child, going down into the basement with a boyfriend, we need a window so they know at all times we are watching!'... It's the new form of contraception!"

Luckily for Blake and Ryan, they have quite a while until James becomes a teenager!

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