Exclusive: MIC's Andy Jordan & Stevie Johnson talk dating disasters

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Made In Chelsea's Andy Jordan and Stevie Johnson, both 25, talk romantic triumphs, dating disasters and Tinder…

Stevie Johnson and Andy Jordan pic together from Instagram October 2015

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What's the most romantic thing you've done for someone else?

Andy: I once surprised someone with a trip to Morocco but it went terribly wrong. I had a great holiday with my then girlfriend but disaster struck as soon as we landed back in the UK. We started having a silly row that escalated into something more serious and then broke up in the airport!

Stevie: The most romantic thing I did was probably when I took my ex-girlfriend Poppy, to Paris - but it was just a disaster. It was the right place but the wrong girl. She really wasn't a good fit for me.

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A: This year is going to be my year to do something. I can't spill too many details, but I can tell you is it involves a plane and a very special restaurant in Spain. The main problem is finding the right girl to do these things for!

What's the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for you?

Stevie: This isn't necessarily typically 'romantic' but I was ill whilst I was away with this girl [his now girlfriend, Cressida Stewart] and she ran me this incredible bath and read Tennessee Williams stories to me.

A: That is love. No-one ever does romantic things for me. I'm always the romantic one. I'm like a little puppy!

Who's the soppiest person in Chelsea?

S: Us!

A: I'd say us or Alik. He's really romantic. But between him, and us, we've definitely got romance in Chelsea covered. The girls aren't very good at all.

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