Geordie Shore: Charlotte Crosby's heartbroken & Holly Hagan drops the L-bomb

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Geordie Shore star Gary Beadle drops a bombshell in tonight's episode while Holly Hagan drops the L word.

Charlotte and Gary's love affair has gripped our screens since Geordie Shore graced our screens three years ago, but could it really be over between the pair this time?

While Charlotte proved her feelings for Gaz are still very much intact last week (she lost it with Marnie Simpson after seeing her and Gary dancing together), it seems Gary's heart now lies elsewhere and it isn't long before he 'fesses up to his former flame.

Gary Beadle tells Charlotte Crosby he's met someone else, Geordie Shore, Episode 3, MTV
21 April


Since Geordie Shore returned with its brand new series, Charlotte has set her sights on a smooch with Gaz, but is yet to get her co-star to pucker up.

At first Gary claimed he couldn't kiss her because of his bet with Aaron - resulting in slitting an eyebrow - but it all become clear in tonight's episode, he has actually been hiding some major news.

After Charlotte apologises for the way she reacted in the club with Marnie, Gary comes clean, telling her he has met someone else.

Upset that Gary has found someone that now means so much to him, Charlotte admits: "This is the one and only time my heart has been broken by Gary."

She later tells her co-star: "You have always been my Gary... now you're not mine anymore."

It's official! 'Chaz' are no more!

Earlier this year, Gary told Reveal he now has a girlfriend and explained he brought a girl into the house to meet everyone.

Asked how Charlotte dealt with meeting his new girl, he told us: "It was a massive thing for me and [Charlotte]... She was wicked at first, but then she got a bit upset. We spoke and everything's fine. We're still good friends"

Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore, Episode 3, Series 10, MTV
21 April


Kyle Christie and Holly Hagan Geordie Shore, Episode 3, Series 10, MTV
21 April


Meanwhile, dropping a bombshell of her own, Holly tells Kyle Christie she loves him. And his response? To carry on looking out of the window.


Prior to confessing her feelings to Kyle, Holly had told her co-star she wasn't happy with him taking part in the 'Tash On Tour's' pass the ice cube game.

Ignoring her request to give the game a miss, Kyle gets stuck in and unsurprisingly, he then feels the wrath of Holly because of it. In the middle of their bust-up Holly drops the L-bomb, only to get nothing back from her onscreen beau.

And we can't imagine that's going to go down too well...

Geordie Shore continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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