The most memorable TOWIE parties: weddings, sushi and Lady Gaga!

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The engagement party

Ever the shy and retiring types, Mark and Arg arrived on horseback for Mark and Lauren's engagement party.

This is worth a watch purely for Arg's struggle to actually mount his noble steed, as Mark tactfully puts it "You nearly killed the horse!"

The surprise strip show

This refined evening got its own TOWIE twist (of course) with a surprise strip show.

The Only Way Is Essex Surprise Strip Show

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Looking at the reactions it seems NO ONE was expecting this performance, or did they see something seriously impressive?!

The Only Way Is Essex Strip Show Gets Some Shocked Reactions!

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The club drama

Alcohol + underlying tension = this screaming match on the dancefloor in an otherwise alarmingly quiet club.

The fake wedding

Chloe Sims decided to give herself a wedding for her 30th birthday, because who needs a groom anyway?!

The birthday girl arrived in a horse drawn carriage and Joey gave a speech, as is tradition at a wedding...or a wedding-themed birthday.

Chloe Sims Celebrates 30th Birthday Wedding Style The Only Way Is Essex

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The Lady Gaga performance

This has to be the ultimate TOWIE party moment, take a bow Harry!

After being carried in Gaga style to his fancy dress bash, the birthday boy took to the floor and showed off his impressive moves.

Watch and learn everyone...

The worst surprise EVER

A girly meal for Lydia's 21st was going well until on/off boyfriend Arg gate crashed the proceedings and awkwardly handed over an unwanted gift.

Look at those faces...just back away slowly Arg, this was in no way welcome surprise!

Lydia Bright 21st Birthday, She Isn't Happy With James Argent's Surprise Arrival

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The best surprise EVER

In a complete turnaround, Arg and Lydia rekindled their romance at an Alice in Wonderland-themed night,

These two have put us through so many emotions. Lets hope this was a true reunion and they hadn't fallen down a rabbit hole into an alternate universe!

After reading James Argent's letter, Lydia tears it up throws it away and agrees to to getting back together with him during his 'Alice in Wonderland' themed party on 'The Only Way Is Essex', Shown on ITVBe, 5 April 2015

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The official Essex party

For Gemma's 31st celebrations she chose a theme close to her heart and held an 'Essex style' birthday party, what else?!

With human 'golden statues','The Gemmas' award ceremony, and a LOT of sparkle, this was Essex on steroids.

Gemma Collins celebrates her 31st birthday on The Only Way Is Essex

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The EsSex and The City party

Cara and Billi decorated Chloe's Body in sushi for a Sex and The City-style bash, complete with a very large crab.

Nothing says glamour quite like being jabbed at with chopsticks whilst smelling of fish!

Chloe Sims Is Covered In Sushi On The Only Way Is Essex

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