Exclusive: Holly Hagan: "I could barely run up the stairs, something had to change!"

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Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan marks the release of her new fitness guide Holly Hagan's Body Bible by spilling her diet and training secrets to Reveal.

Since starring on the MTV reality show, Holly has made no secret of the fact she has struggled with her weight. Now, it seems the 22-year-old has finally found a programme that works for her.

By watching what she eats and putting the hours in at the gym, the Geordie lass has lost over three stone and is reaping the rewards of her fabulous new figure. Armed with a secret 12-week weapon that can get you looking just as hot she does, Holly has finally revealed how she whipped herself into shape and is encouraging us to do the same.

As if her Instagram feed wasn't motivation enough...

Holly Hagan takes selfie onset of photo shoot, Instagram
26 February

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Reveal caught up with the gorgeous reality star to talk all things health and fitness and to find out how she finally managed to give herself the bod she'd always dreamed of.

And after chatting to her she definitely had us putting down the chocolate and reaching for our trainers...

So you now have your very own fitness guide Holly Hagan's Body Bible! Can you explain how it works for us?

Basically it's a 12-week guide and it gives you a really simple 12-week eating plan. I know myself when I've looked at diets a lot of the time they're really complex and foods I've never even heard of before. They can be really difficult, especially for someone like me who still lives at home so I need something quite easy to follow. The exercises are all things that can be done at home – lunges, squats – really simple things that you can just do in your bedroom.

Sounds fairly do-able, then. Why did you choose to bring out a book instead of a fitness DVD?

A DVD is such a good idea, especially in the Geordie Shore sense. Charlotte [Crosby] has done one, Vicky [Pattison] has too and they've done really really well, but it's nice to have a bit of variety. It's something different. I think if I was to bring out a DVD, people would be like 'oh, not another one!'.

Did you have fun putting it all together?

It was really fun, the shoot for it was 24 hours! We literally worked all through the day and all through the night and we didn't get finished until seven o'clock the next morning. It was really long, but it was so much fun. I'm so happy it's all worked out!

Holly Hagan's Body Bible cover

Your body bible follows your weight-loss journey, what was your tipping point for finally getting yourself into shape?

It was four years ago when Geordie Shore first came on, I didn't realise how big I had actually let myself get. My mum had always said to me – even before I went on the show – 'Holly you're getting a little bit big, maybe you should watch what you're eating' but I never really listened. At the time I had a boyfriend we were eating cr*p all the time and drinking, just doing what teenagers do. But when I did actually see myself on tele I thought something needed to change. I just wasn't healthy, I could barely run up the stairs!

Well you're looking incredible at the moment! Was it difficult to adjust to your training programme at first? Going from not really doing much to training six days a week?

It is difficult to get yourself into that mindset and it is hard work, I'm not going to say it's not, but if you put the effort in it does work. And to get to where you want to be it is good to try and fit something in every single day, as much as you can. Now that I'm down to the weight that I ideally want to be at, I only train around three times a week.

And what about with your diet? Was that hard to stick to?

In the beginning it was really difficult to change my diet, but then once I did it for a couple of weeks I had so much more energy and after I ate I didn't feel like I wanted to go to sleep. It's about giving your body what it needs. I try and keep things simple, I'll have eggs or porridge in the morning which is really quick and then I'll pre-pack a lunch with chicken and veg or salad.

Holly Hagan in the gym

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When you get stuck into a health and fitness regime, you start noticing the benefits quite quickly. What was the first thing you noticed from doing your 12-week programme?

Definitely health benefits! I felt a lot less tired, instead of feeling at 5pm that I could go to sleep, I didn't anymore. I even felt like I could run on less sleep – especially in my job where I'm constantly travelling around, it's a lot of late nights and early mornings – this fuelled me for the day.

Many people are under the impression if you train you can eat whatever you want. Just how important is it to have the right diet?

Diet is even more important than the exercise. You see in the gym posters that say 'abs are made in the kitchen' and it's so true. You can go out for a run and eat what you want, but you'll always maintain your weight. That's fine if that's what you want to do, but if you've got the weight to lose you've got to be eating right and exercising.

Since completing the programme - asides from obviously losing the weight - what other changes did you see?

Well now that I've actually got down to near my goal weight and I am happy with where I am (after a lot of setbacks!), I feel so much more confident. I can go out and grab a pair of size eight jeans and I never thought I'd be able to do that! I feel a lot healthier, my skin is a lot clearer – I was suffering from a lot of spots.

It sounds like you've found something that definitely works for you, then?

It does! I've tried every faddy diet out there, absolutely everything. Anything that any magazine wrote about, I've tried it, but It needs to be a lifestyle change. The Body Bible isn't a diet, it's changing you for life, it's setting you up to think this is what I'm going to do forever. Yes, I will have a treat now and again and I will go out and have a few takeaways or whatever, but I've learnt the correct way to eat and how much you should be exercising, so now I can maintain that.

That's the hard part! How are you finding maintaining your health and fitness regime?

At the minute I'm finding it quite easy. I will admit I fell off the wagon a few weeks ago when I went through a stage of eating really bad foods, but I found the weight that came back on was nowhere near the amount that would have if I had done a crash diet. Now I've realised this does work, if I fall off the wagon, those couple of pounds will come off in a couple of weeks when I start eating good again.

Holly Hagan takes a selfie in the gym - January

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Holly Hagan takes body selfie

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How do you keep yourself motivated to stay in shape?

Oh the best thing to do is take selfies! I started taking selfies of my body when I was a lot bigger when I was about 11, 11-and-a-half stone (they're all in the book!) and when I look back now I've got all these selfies to motivate me. If you take selfies when you're bigger and take them when you've lost the weight, you might not think you've lost a lot, but when you look back you can totally see it.

We bet. So what does your typical training regime look like now, then?

Well, I don't really get time to train six times a week now, but I do try. Usually I train about three times a week and if I can only fit in 20-minutes, then that's fine. Something is better than nothing! You can make as many excuses as you want but there is always time. Whether you've got to be up in the morning for school or work, you can always fit something in. Even when you're lying in bed for that hour scrolling on your phone, you could be doing your exercises!

So what would you say is your fave exercise?

Most people don't really enjoy them, but I really like squats. Afterwards the next day you can actually feel it. When it's hurting, it's working!

And how about your diet, have you managed to stick to your plan too, or are you less strict now?

I still do have treats now and again, but I tend to stick to the diet. If my mum cooks dinner, I'll have what they're having say the meat and veg, but if they're having potatoes I won't have them and I'll have more veg instead. Sometimes if I've trained, I'll feel like I've deserved them, but if you want the changes to come you do have to miss out those things for a little while!

What did you miss not having the most?

Oh biscuits. I'm such a biscuit person! I love Wagon Wheels. I'm definitely a biscuit and chocolate person!

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie share selfie on set of Geordie Shore advert, Instagram
12 March

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Holly finds it easier to stick to her regime having a boyfriend that loves the gym!

Having a boyfriend (Holly is dating her Geordie Shore co-star Kyle Christie) can make it harder for girls to stay in shape. Nights in with takeaways and stocking up on goodies for movies together is all too tempting... How have you found it?

To be honest Kyle eats healthy most of the time anyway. So if I'm at his, I'll have what he's having so it has really been a lot easier being with a lad that is in to his training. We do still have a treat though! Like on a Sunday we'll always have a treat and really look forward to it. We completely go in and have a pizza and we don't have to feel bad about it because we've eaten good all week!

Do you ever train together?

I don't train with him ever. I'm the sort of girl who likes to stay in bed when he's up and going to the gym! I tend to train when I'm at home or when I have time. I would go to the gym with him, but I'll probably just distract him and be like 'are you done yet?!'.

Having lost the weight it must be quite hard going back into the Geordie Shore house?

It's something that I've got used to now and I do have to make an allowance when I go in and film. I know I'm bound to put on between 5-7lbs, but if I'm completely strict with myself, I won't be getting the most out of the show and I won't be enjoying myself as much. I know that as soon as I come out and I get back into things, it'll come off in a couple of weeks. I try not to worry too much.

The other girls on the show have all embarked on their own get-fit missions too now, so is it nice all being in the same boat?

Totally. Especially with me and Charlotte, we're best friends in the show and outside of the show. We motivate each other. If one's going to the gym, the other will go with them. It's difficult doing it on your own, but if someone's there it helps.

Has it changed the vibe in the house, or is it still just as messy and causing just as much carnage as before?

It's still exactly the same. We make allowances for the fact we are going to go out and get drunk. We'll still go out and drink, but we'll try not to eat the takeaways when we come back so much. At the end of the day we still have a show to make, I don't want to take away one part of my life in favour of looking good. You've got to find the right balance!

Holly Hagan and Charlotte Crosby, Twitter
11 March

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Holly slams rumours she and BFF Charlotte and the other Geordie Shore girls are in competition to lose the most weight.

There has been talk of rivalry rumours and losing weight becoming a competition to see who can look the best. Would you say that's the case or not?

I've never said a bad word about any of the girls' weight loss and I never would. The things that have been written you never know how much of it is actually true, but from what I've seen they're all really complimentary. Me and Vicky still text, I see Charlotte every week, there's no rivalry at all that I'm aware of.

You get quite a lot of criticism, too. Some say you've put weight back on, some say you're getting too thin, you've even been accused of using Photoshop on your Instagram photos. Can that be disheartening?

I'm either too fat or I'm too thin – there's no in between. It's really sad because I've worked hard for four years to get to where I am now, you get a lot of setbacks with the show so it's really difficult. I go on Instagram and all I see is people saying I've Photoshop'ped my pictures. People say it because my thighs are really lumpy, they're not very even and they go 'oh the airbrushing is so bad on that'. It makes me want to actually airbrush my legs to get rid of the lumps! Me actually putting a picture up with them is me being real, not me photoshop'ping! It's frustrating.

How do you cope with all the negative comments?

You have to think these people are sat behind a computer. Those saying I am too thin are probably the same people saying I am too fat, it's just trolls and there's nothing you can do, they're always going to be there. If that's what they have to do to make themselves feel better, then fine. Obviously it does get to you, we're only human, but you have to take it on the chin.

So after putting in all the hard work, what is your favourite part of your body now?

I'd definitely say my waist. Even when I was bigger my waist has been smaller, but it's got a lot smaller now. My favourite thing to wear is jeans and a crop top to show that off. I dress for my figure now as well, I never used to do that, my boobs would spill out everywhere… but less is definitely more! I used to look like I was wearing just duct tape my dresses were so tight!

And you're least favourite?

My legs probably. Me and my mum have the same legs, we've got no ankle! I try and wear trousers a lot of the time because I feel more comfortable. But, I'm a lot happier with them now than I was.

Do you have an ultimate celebrity body icon or body crush?

I love J.Lo's body! She has an amazing figure, she's really toned and she's in her forties! Hats off to her! I used to say Kim Kardashian but I think she's gone a little over the top now. Her bum is far too big! I like a big bum, but it looks completely disproportionate now!

Holly's new fitness guide Holly Hagan's Body Bible is available to pre-order now. Visit www.hollysbodybible.com for more info.

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