Who are Taylor Swift's celebrity best friends?

Published Friday, Apr 10 2015, 20:20 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Taylor Swift is never, ever, ever, going to run out of best friends. If you're young, talented, rich and famous, you're probably also part of this friendship group.

From Selena Gomez to Ellie Goulding, Taylor seems to know everyone we wish we knew, which is slightly unfair. Did they all meet through some really exclusive choir?

It's a wonder Taylor even has time to talk to all these friends with those chart topping catchy pop songs she also writes as her actual job…what an overachiever.

From gleeful hugs on the red carpet, to Instagram snaps of casual gatherings (which we all know is a marker of real friendship), it's hard to keep up with just how many people the pop star seems to genuinely be bessie mates with.

To make things clearer, here's a video of Taylor Swift's besties - In no particular order (can you IMAGINE the fallout if Taylor had to choose)