Zoe Lucker still getting used to dark hair for Hollyoaks role

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Zoe Lucker has admitted she's still getting used to her newly-dyed dark brown hair.

The Footballers' Wives star has swapped her blonde locks for a brunette 'do ahead of her debut in Hollyoaks as Reenie McQueen.

'This Morning' TV Programme, London, Britain. - 08 Apr 2015
Zoe Lucker

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Speaking on ITV's This Morning today, she said: "I'm just sort of getting used to it really. Its fine when I've got my make up on and stuff but first thing on the morning I still have a shock! I did prepare [my daughter] Lilly that I was going to go dark because I was worried that I'd come home and she'd shout 'stranger danger' because it does look so different!"

That being said, the star said even a totally different look hasn't disguised her completely... "I just assumed that people wouldn't recognise me, but they just go 'oh you've just dyed your hair'...a lot of people have said that they really like it."

Zoe's image change came for her role in Hollyoaks. She'll enter the Channel 4 soap as part of an emotional new storyline involving child sexual abuse.

Her character's daughter Porsche will reveal she was sexually assaulted by Reenie McQueen's boyfriend.

"The thought of being able to raise awareness like this kind of storyline [about abuse] was so important and in terms of taking on the role, that was very high up there, protecting children… and we did meet with victims and survivors of abuse. They were so brave."

Zoe worked with the NSPCC and spoke with young victims of assault to prepare for her role.

Her character Reenie will be in jail when she is introduced on the show. Hollyoaks has teased she "is a good-time party girl, just like Porsche, and can be exhausting company! Don't judge a cocktail by its colour though, Reenie is the most vulnerable of all Nana's children and comes with her own set of issues.

"She hasn't been the best mum to her three girls, who she raised largely on her own, and often disappoints them. Sometimes, it can be difficult to tell just who is the mother and who is the daughter."