Exclusive: Brian McFadden & Vogue Williams: 'We argue all the time!'

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Brian McFadden, 34, and Vogue Williams, 29, share the secrets behind their happy marriage, tell us about their rows, and fill us in on their future hopes for Brian's daughters Molly and Lilly Sue

After two years of happy marriage and counting, Brian and Vogue reveal to us what they think makes their marriage work above anything else. And it's more than just their regular date nights.

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'I think it's important to make sure you're married to someone who is your best friend, so that you're going to get on,' Vogue says.

'It's not like we're dying for a night out with the boys or a night out with the girls. We always go out together and it's been like that since day one. We have the same friendship group and our mates get on'.

But although the pair say their relationship is always filled with laughs and banter, Vogue admits that like any other normal couple, they suffer their fair share of arguments.

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'We row all the time! But our rows are about such stupid things that we just laugh it off. I'm rarely the one to apologise though, I'm very stubborn!' she says.

And whilst the pair are yet to have any children of their own, Brian is full of pride when talk turns to his two daughters Molly, 14, and Lilly Sue, 11, who he shares with ex-wife Kerry Katona.

'The girls are becoming adults now! They're both very good in school and very, very clever,' he beams.

'I think even if they do showbiz stuff in future, they'll still put their education first. But I'd really like for them to work in a caring profession, helping others'.

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