TOWIE's Lydia Bright: 'Arg seeing other girls doesn't bother me'

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TOWIE's Lydia Bright has said she isn't bothered that her ex-boyfriend and co-star James 'Arg' Argent is seeing other girls.

In the last episode of the reality show, Arg and Lydia became the talk of Essex as Billie Faiers, Georgia Kousoulou and Lewis Bloor had a chat about their continuing closeness.

TOWIE episode to air 29 March 2015: Lydia and Arg


Now speaking in a video on the official TOWIE website, Lydia said: "When Georgia told me that some people have maybe said that I'm leading James on, it does upset me because I don't personally feel that that's been the case.

"But it's good food for thought because sometimes I think when you take yourself out of the situation and you look in as if you're not in those shoes, some people could've perceived it that way, so I've just got to be a bit more careful moving forward."

Fashion designer Lydia, who is currently in a new relationship, added: "I know that James is seeing other girls and stuff, and it doesn't hurt me when I hear that because I've got a boyfriend, and equally I know that he's going to date girls and talk to girls.

"It doesn't get to me but he's just choosing not to be serious with anybody, but that's his choice."

Just last week, Lydia seemed a little outraged when Arg suggested she still flirted around him. He told here: "You just can't help it. I'm not being cocky but when you're around me you enjoy yourself and you love my company. When we're a little bit flirty with each other..."

However, Lydia objected: "Never! I don't flirt with you! I don't think that!"

Arg has previously admitting on the show that he's been getting plenty of admiring looks from women since being back on the scene.

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