Louis Smith: 'I've discussed marriage, babies with Lucy Mecklenburgh'

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Clearly not one to wait around, Louis Smith reveals he's already thinking of settling down with his girlfriend of almost four months, Lucy Mecklenburgh.

Just last week, the cute couple were spotted at the VIP launch of the Hogwarts Express where Louis, 25, brought up their future with Lucy, 23.

Louis Smith and Lucy Mecklenburgh at Harry Potter Studio's Hogwarts Express Launch (17/03/15)

"We were at the Harry Potter studio tour last week and I was saying to Lucy how cool it would be to bring our children to a place like that," he revealed.

"It sort of slipped out because I was in the moment."

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And though their relationship is still early days, Louis admits he's already completely smitten with Lucy.

"I haven't felt like this for a long time, if ever. It's taken me by surprise. Lucy is just so lovely which is rare to find in someone who looks as beautiful as her. I've been on dates with girls who are gorgeous - but they know it."

And though Lucy has faced some heartbreak previously with her ex-fiance, Mario Falcone, Louis insists he would never dream of hurting his girlfriend, as he stresses that they trust each other 100%.

"It doesn't take a genius to work out she's had a tough time the last couple of years. She's such a delicate lady - I'd never do that to her. Without sounding too cheesy, I try and give her everything she's never had."

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