TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou: "Fran & Diags have no backbone!"

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TOWIE star Georgia Kousoulou has hit out at Fran Parman and James 'Diags' Bennewith, slamming the pair for having "no backbone".

Last night, viewers watched as Georgia and her boyfriend Tommy Mallet came face-to-face with Fran and Diags, following Diags claims Tommy has been unfaithful.

While Georgia and her beau confronted the pair over the allegations, Fran and Diags refused to talk, walking away from their co-stars. Now, Georgia has hit out at the pair for not being upfront with her when they had the chance.

Georgia Kousoulou hits out at Fran Parman and James 'Diags' Bennewith, TOWIE website
19 March


In a new clip posted to the official TOWIE website, Georgia says: "I'm not surprised they walked off because I feel like they've got no backbone."

Georgia's comments come after she recently branded Diags "embarrassing" for resurfacing an old incident that had already been dealt with.

He has accused Tommy of cheating during a night out in Newcastle. Diags says Tommy asked him to cover for him because he stayed with a girl rather than in a room with his co-star. Tommy strongly denies this.

Insisting she already knows everything that happened, Georgia added: "I don't think they realised how much I already knew about that night. I'm not sure what they're trying to do, but how evil to make an accusation - a fake one - and then walk off.

"I was really calm, I wanted to walk over and just be like 'look, mine and Fran's argument is done we could have got over that, but now I'm never being friends with you again. Diags, if you're going to go around spreading things, say it to my face. Be a man, man up and look me in the eye.' He couldn't even do that.

"That just says that they are lying. If you had something to prove, you'd want to prove me wrong. You'd say your boyfriend did cheat, here's the evidence... they're not doing that. I feel like they've made it up, spread it and now they've realised they look bad, they've walked off because they have sh*t themselves."

Diags, Fran Parman, Tommy Mallet and Georgia Kousoulou argue, TOWIE Episode 8
19 March


Georgia's reaction follows her and Tommy's confrontation with Fran and Diags in last night's episode of TOWIE.

Coming face-to-face with the pair, Tommy told Diags to tell Georgia everything that happened that night to prove whether or not Tommy had lied to her.

He refused to do so, with Fran saying as they walked off: "He could grass, but he's not going to f****** grass."

Georgia was then seen telling BFF Lydia Bright: "Don't accuse my boyfriend of cheating and then run off. Stand there and tell me."

Since the cheating rumours came to light, Georgia has decided to stand by Tommy, telling him they are a "team" and she trusts him.

Tommy, meanwhile, has insisted nothing can break the bond he and his girlfriend have.

TOWIE continues Sunday 22 March at 10pm on ITVBe.

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