TOWIE's Ferne McCann supported by Gemma, Danielle after Charlie split

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TOWIE's Ferne McCann becomes tearful on tonight's episode when talking about her split from Charlie Sims.

The normally bubbly Essex star was heartbroken when Charlie ended their relationship via Twitter last week, saying he was done.

TOWIE episode to air 18 March 2015: Ferne McCann cries over Charlie split


Ferne gets tearful tonight.

He has also quit the show after saying he doesn't want to live his life in the public eye anymore.

On Wednesday night's (18 March) episode of TOWIE, we'll se Ferne become tearful as she speaks about their sudden break-up. She also gets comforted by Gemma Collins and Danielle Armstrong, despite the issues the women have had with each other in the past.

Girls stick together, eh?

TOWIE episode to air 18 March 2015: Ferne talks to Gemma


Gemma and Danielle comfort Ferne.

TOWIE episode to air 18 March 2015: Ferne talks to Gemma and Danielle


The girls' issues are in the past now.

Ferne was caught unaware when Charlie took to Twitter on Friday to announce his departure from TOWIE and his split from Ferne.

A source told us at the time: "Unfortunately Charlie has given Ferne an ultimatum – it's him or the show. This came as a huge shock to Ferne who is really upset that he would put her in such a position.

"She loves being part of TOWIE and is an important character who is great for the show. She's very successful off the back of it. The reality is that Charlie has never wanted to live his life on camera. Ferne has promised to support him either way and just wants him to do the same for her.

"Hopefully he will realise he can't dictate her career, it feels unfair to suddenly from nowhere put her in this position. She's hoping he'll realise this and they'll make it up, but right now Ferne is unsure what to do and is just very upset."

TOWIE airs Wednesdays and Sundays at 10pm on ITVBE.

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