EOTB wraps up: Gary reflects with Charlotte and falls out with Anita?

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Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid. Please click here if you wish to continue.
Ex On The Beach wraps up with its final episode tonight, and it seems Gary Beadle and Anita Kaushik's romance could be coming to an end with it.

Since Gary arrived in the Ex On The Beach villa, the Geordie Shore star made a beeline for Anita. And despite the arrival of both Gaz's ex Charlotte Crosby and Anita's former flame Joe Chandler, the pair's fling seemed to last it out.

After enjoying one last romantic date on the holiday island, Gary and Anita return to the villa to join their co-stars for a few drinks. But after Anita enjoys one too many, will she end up ruining her chances with Gaz after the show?

Anita Kaushik and Gary Beadle enjoy final date, Ex On The Beach finale, MTV
17 March


In tonight's episode, viewers will get to see how this year's singletons spent their last day in their villa.

The 'Tablet of Terror' sends Anita and Gaz on one last date together and the pair are treated to a champagne picnic looking out on to the sea as the sun sets.

With the perfect setting, the pair soon open up on their feelings for each other, with Gaz telling Anita he wants their romance to their continue.

"If we can get through that house with our exes in there and temptation everywhere," he tells her. "There's no reason if we carry on like this why you can't be my girlfriend."

Sounds like someone is pretty smitten!

Anita Kaushik and Gary Beadle argue, Ex On The Beach finale, MTV
17 March


All loved-up, Gaz and Anita then head back to the house to join their co-stars and with everyone feeling sentimental, the group share their best and worst moments from their time on the show with everyone.

Getting caught up in the moment, Anita knocks back one too many drinks and it's not long before drama erupts between her and her ex-boyfriend Joe. Despite Gary's efforts to calm Anita down, his actions soon backfire and the Chelsea girl starts to blame the Geordie lad for everything.

Unsurprisingly, Gary is not impressed and storms off leaving Anita by herself.

Could this mean trouble in paradise for the pair?

Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle reflect on relationship, Ex On The Beach finale, MTV
17 March


Meanwhile, Gary and his Geordie Shore co-star Charlotte take the time to reflect on their relationship after their stay in the Ex On The Beach villa.

While Gary has been romancing Anita, Charlotte has been enjoying a fling with Adam Christie. Impressed that they both managed to keep their cool while seeing other people - and actually liked who each other was hooking up with - Charlotte gets Gaz to help her write a postcard to her mum.

It reads: "You're never going to guess what... Gary has met someone and I didn't attack her."

Oh, Char!

Gary Beadle apologises to Charlotte Crosby, Ex On The Beach - Episode 7 preview
5 March


Over the series, viewers have seen Charlotte and Gary grow closer with Gaz apologising to his former flame for the way he has treated her in the past.

"I never understood why Charlotte kicked off all the time," he admitted. "She cared and she liked me a lot. Because I like Anita a lot, I did exactly the same as Charlotte did. Now I see why she was going nuts all that time, so I happily apologised for the last few years."

Charlotte has since described the pair as the best kind of exes because they're still "best friends".


Ex On The Beach continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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