EOTB's Charlotte Crosby: "It was the one time Gary apologised and meant it"

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Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby had been waiting years for Gary Beadle to apologise to her, and now he has, she has finally had her say.

On Tuesday's episode of Ex On The Beach, viewers watched as Gary said sorry to Charlotte for the way he has treated her over the past few years.

And believing her co-star was genuinely being sincere, Charlotte has said she is pleased to finally get a "true apology" from Gaz.

Gary Beadle apologises to Charlotte Crosby, Ex On The Beach - Episode 7 preview
5 March


Since their romance first developed on Geordie Shore, Gary and Charlotte have clashed over the reality star's tendency to hook up with other girls while seeing Char on the show. Unsurprisingly upset, Charlotte would often confront her former flame about his antics, but Gary never understood why she reacted in the way that she did.

Until now that is!

After striking up a budding romance with Anita Kaushik on Ex On The Beach, Gary was finally put in Charlotte's shoes when Ashley Cain entered the villa. Provoking Gaz, Ashley - who could choose three of his co-stars to join him in the penthouse - invited Anita, linking arms with her as he lead her upstairs.

Annoyed that Ash had chosen to take Anita after he had just told him they were together, Gary then majorly kicked off. The next day, the Geordie Shore star decided to apologise to Charlotte after realising she must have felt as upset as he had done, but on multiple occasions.

He told her: "Last night was the first time I was in your shoes... I just wanted to say I'm sorry."

Charlotte Crosby on Gary Beadle's apology, Ex On The Beach: Ex Diaries
12 March


Now Charlotte has had her say on Gary's apology, stating that it's the first time her co-star has said sorry and actually been sincere about it.

In a new clip posted to the MTV website, Charlotte says: "That whole incident that happened with Anita must have got in his head and then he thought 'sh*t hang on a minute, that must have been how Charlotte felt every night when I brought girls back.

"He was put in my position and he was the me... It was the one time that Gary Beadle has given a true apology... and meant it."

Although as much as the 24-year-old was grateful to her ex-beau for apologising, she did admit she was a little annoyed that Gary never reacted to her, the way he did with Anita.

She added: "I did kind of think 'for f*** sake man, why didn't you ever feel like that about me?!' Do you know how many times I would stand in the club and force myself to try and kiss an ugly person just to get on his nerves... He wouldn't even flinch!"

Gary Beadle on apologising to Charlotte Crosby, Ex On The Beach, Ex Diaries
12 March


Meanwhile, Gary too had his say on why he felt the need to clear the air with Charlotte.

"I never understood why Charlotte kicked off all the time," he admitted. "She cared and she liked me a lot. Because I like Anita a lot, I did exactly the same as Charlotte did. I saw her linking arms with that lad's arm and I went berserk.

"Now I see why she was going nuts all that time, so I happily apologised for the last few years."

Following his heart-to-heart with Charlotte, Gary then begged Anita to forgive him for his actions, telling her he only wants her and is hoping to leave Ex On The Beach with her hand-in-hand.

Gary Beadle a changed man... Who knew, eh?!

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