EOTB's Adam Gabriel "doesn't regret" clinch with Charlotte Crosby

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Ex On The Beach star Adam Gabriel has said he "doesn't regret" being caught in bed with Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby by his ex-girlfriend.

On Tuesday night's episode of Ex On The Beach, viewers watched as romance blossomed between Adam and Charlotte. Heading back to the villa, the pair soon headed off for some alone time, but only to be rumbled by Adam's ex Kayleigh Morris.

Unsurprisingly, Kayleigh and Charlotte soon clashed over their co-star, but Adam has insisted he is glad he and Charlotte got together.

Adam Gabriel talks Charlotte Crosby, Kayleigh Morris fallout, Ex On The Beach, Ex Diaries
6 March


In a new video released by MTV, Adam recalls the moment his former flame caught him in the act.

He said: "I came back from my date with Charlotte and it went so well we were having such a laugh, we get back to the villa and we pop upstairs and get into bed. We're having a cuddle and a kiss, then Kayleigh walks in and all you hear is 'Adam is that you?'.

"If you had to think of your worst nightmare, your ex walking in when you're with your new girl - that's up there with them."

Admitting it was a little insensitive of him, he added: "It was a bad idea, but I don't regret it. It's what I wanted to do, it's what Charlotte wanted to do."

Kayleigh Morris and Charlotte Crosby clash on Ex On The Beach, Episode 6
3 March


Since Adam's arrival in the EOTB villa, fans have watched Kayleigh struggle to live alongside her ex-beau and she has now revealed his recent antics left her speechless.

"I literally just didn't know what to say," she said. " I went 'Adam?' and he pops up his head like 'hello' and [Charlotte] had no clothes on... I wanted to kill her."


Upset that Charlotte still pursued things with Adam after she had made her feelings for her ex clear, Kayleigh continued: "Everyone in that villa knew I still loved that boy - why I don't know - but that's just what it was.

"Me and [Char], we just didn't get on after that."

Sounds like their fallout isn't going to be resolved any time soon, then!

Kayleigh Morris talks Charlotte Crosby and her ex Adam Gabriel, Ex On The Beach, Ex Diaries
6 March


Kayleigh may not be Charlotte's biggest fan, but it seems Char did make quite the impression on Adam from they're time on Ex On The Beach.

Despite the reality star now being loved-up with boyfriend Mitch Jenkins, Adam recently revealed his "heart sank" when he thought Char and her other half had got engaged.

Earlier this week, Mitch sent Charlotte's fans into a frenzy by posting a faux engagement tweet to her Twitter. But before the 24-year-old could set the record straight and announce she's NOT headed down the aisle anytime soon, Adam was left feeling pretty upset.

"My heart sank when I thought Charlotte was engaged," he said. "It's clear she's moved on and her life is with Mitch now, which is fine, but we had something, and I do like her."

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