TOWIE: Ricky Rayment's parents hit back at Jessica Wright over tweets

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Ricky Rayment's parents have hit back at his ex-girlfriend Jessica Wright after she claimed in last night's episode of TOWIE that they had made remarks about her on Twitter.

Ricky's mum and dad - Jan and Richard - hit back at the claims on Twitter, saying Jess' accusations are an "absolute lie".

TOWIE: Jessica Wright speaks about ex-Ricky Rayment to Bobby Norris - episode aired 4 March 2015.


During a conversation with Bobby Norris on last night's show (4 March), Jess talked about her recent row with Ricky, during which she asked him to stop talking about her on social media channels.

Jess told Bobby: "Hopefully he'll stop now after our row and just put the whole thing in the past. He's the one that's bitter and still jibing at me, so why should I be the one to go out of my way to say, 'Hello, how are you? Are you alright?'"

Bobby replied: "It's strange for the family as well to be tweeting you because I can't imagine your mum and dad sitting on the sofa tweeting about Ricky."

Jess explained: "No and it's all his family. His sisters, his mum, his dad... They just tweet stuff about me and I just think, 'Seriously, like we're adults'."

However, after the scene aired, Jan and Richard hit back at Jess' remarks. Jan tweeted: "You're having a laugh we did no such thing!"

Meanwhile, Richard wrote: "I beg your pardon @MissJessWright_ that's an absolute lie! I have never said anything derogatory about you."

By the end of last night's episode, viewers saw Jess get closure after Ricky agreed to stop talking about their relationship.

Jess and Ricky were dating for two and half years before a bitter split last year. Despite appearing to patch things up in the Christmas special, the pair were embroiled in more war of words as series 14 kicked off.

TOWIE's Ricky and Jessica fight while walking dogs, 1 March 2015


Ricky has vowed to stop talking about his and Jess' former relationship.

Last week, viewers saw fireworks between the former couple after they bumped into each other while walking their dogs in the woods.

Jess accused Ricky of being disrespectful of their relationship and asked him to stop talking about her on Twitter and Instagram, while also mentioning his new romance with Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson.

Ricky defended his relationship with Marnie, claiming that he has moved on. And, after the show, he tweeted: "No more digs. No more tweets. #movingon."

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