Geordie Marnie Simpson reveals her perfect "tashing on" partner!

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Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has revealed her perfect "tashing on" partner and her answer is a little unusual!

Since she joined the cast of Geordie Shore back in 2013, Marnie hasn't been shy when it comes to kissing on camera, but now the Geordie beauty has revealed who (or should we say what...) she really wants to be "tashing on" with.

Clue - it isn't either of her co-stars Gary Beadle or Scott Timlin!

Marnie Simpson, Gary Beadle, Scott Timlin team up for Now TV advert
4 March

© YouTube / NOW TV

Fans of Geordie Shore will remember that Marnie has enjoyed a brief fling with both boys in the past, but it seems neither are up to scratch when it comes to stealing her heart.

Teaming up with Gaz and Scott, Marnie has created a new advert for NOW TV and in the funny clip, her co-stars are trying to win her affections.

First up is Scotty T and unimpressed with his efforts, Marnie switches him for Gaz at the click of a finger (if only dating really was that easy, eh!).

Still not a fan, however, Marnie then trades in Gaz for her perfect suitor and it seems to be a kebab?!


Marnie Simpson films new advert for NOW TV
4 March

© YouTube / NOW TV

TOWIE's Ricky Rayment kisses Geordie Shore star girlfriend Marnie Simpson in new Instagram photo - 17 February 2015.

© Instagram / marniesimpson

While Marnie may look pretty chuffed to lock lips with her takeaway treat, we all know that there is only really one perfect "tashing on" partner for her - her new boyfriend Ricky Rayment.

Last month, the couple confirmed their relationship and Marnie has since said she has "fallen badly" for the TOWIE star.

Ricky has even told his co-stars he thinks Marnie could be 'The One'. Talk about a whirlwind romance!

Despite receiving negative comments online about her new flame, Marnie has received plenty of support from Ricky's parents.

While the reality star's mum has said she has "never seen her son so happy", Ricky's dad has offered Marnie some advice when it comes to handling online trolls.

He said: "@Marniegshore ignore them, block them & never reply to them. If you do, it makes their day coz they know you read their crap."

She then replied thanking her boyfriend's dad, telling him she has "a lot to learn".

The brand new #NOWTVMagic campaign is now live, watch the new adverts here.

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