EOTB's Anita Kaushik: "I never thought I'd move on from my ex with Gaz"

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Ex On The Beach star Anita Kaushik has admitted she never thought she would end up falling for someone on the show - especially not Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle AND in front of her ex-boyfriend Joe Chandler!

Since Gary touched down at the Ex On The Beach villa, the self-confessed ladies man has been enjoying a romance with model Anita. But the pair's love affair was soon rocked by the arrival of Anita's ex Joe.

Despite her former flame now living in the villa with her, the 22-year-old is still hoping to continue her fling with Gaz. In a behind-the-scenes clip, Anita admits: "I never expected to move on in front of Joe!"

Anita Kaushik talks Gary Beadle and Joe Chandler love triangle in behind-the-scenes video, Ex On The Beach, MTV
25 February


Opening up about her romance with the reality star, Anita continued: "I never expected to move on and like someone so much. That was the worst thing that [Joe] had to watch it all unfold."

Anita and ex-beau Joe split after dating for two years. When the pair's relationship ended, Joe moved to Australia and he and Anita haven't seen each other for seven months.

And after going out of his way to see his ex-girlfriend again, it's unsurprising Joe wasn't too happy to hear Anita had already turned her attentions elsewhere!

"I think Joe was really shocked to see me with someone else," Anita added. "Especially Gaz. He actually even said to me 'I'm really disappointed in you'."

Gary Beadle talks about co-star Joe Chandler in behind-the-scenes video, Ex On The Beach, MTV
25 February


While the Chelsea girl was fretting over telling her ex about Gary, the Geordie Shore star admits he "wasn't threatened" by Joe's arrival.

He said: "Anita to me is a pretty girl, she does modelling... I was expecting a dark, handsome, chiseled lad to walk in - and then Joe walks in. I was expecting something so different, I was actually puzzled."


Charlotte Crosby surprises Gary Beadle, Ex On The Beach, Episode 5
24 February


Joe may not have worried Gary, but we're pretty sure the latest ex to come out of the sea did make him a little nervous. Last night, viewers watched as Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby arrived to surprise her on/off love interest.

Dressed in full on scuba gear, Charlotte made her way onto the beach to greet a shocked Gary. And following her entrance, Gaz admits he had a sneaky suspicion his co-star would be making an arrival.

"The main person I've been involved with for the last four or five years is Charlotte," he said. "Out of all my exes, surely it had to be Charlotte."

But what will she make of Gaz and Anita?!

Ex On The Beach continues next Tuesday 3 March at 10pm on MTV.

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