Ex On The Beach: Charlotte Crosby arrives to surprise Gary Beadle!

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Warning: This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid. Please click here if you wish to continue.
Ex On The Beach star Gary Beadle has his eyes set on co-star Anita Kaushik, but with former flame Charlotte Crosby arriving on the beach, could his attentions turn elsewhere?!

Last week, viewers saw Gary and Anita's budding romance rocked by the arrival of her ex Joe Chandler, and this time round it's about to get rocked again as the second Geordie Shore star turns up at the villa.

Surprising on/off love interest Gaz, Charlotte emerges out of the sea and she sure makes one heck of an entrance.... in her scuba gear!

Ex On The Beach 205 | Here Comes Charlotte Crosby
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In a new clip released by MTV, fans are treated to a first look at Charlotte's arrival.

Sent to the beach to meet ex number seven, Gary is seen looking a tad nervous and his nerves soon turn to shock as he spots Char emerging from the sea.

Dressed in a wetsuit, goggles and a snorkel (we're not kidding!), the reality star is all smiles as she greets Gaz - and we have to say he does look pretty chuffed to see her too!

Charlotte Crosby surprises Gary Beadle, Ex On The Beach, Episode 5
24 February


Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle, Ex On The Beach, Episode 5
24 February


Unaware that Gary has been romancing Anita, Charlotte - who reveals she actually wet herself while making her way to the beach (nice!) - doesn't rule out a reunion with her ex-beau, claiming the pair have always been "on and off like a lightswitch".

Seeing Char, Gaz says: "My ex-girlfriend comes out in a scuba outfit with a snorkel, that is just typical."

Hinting things might not stay strictly in the past between him and his Geordie co-star, he added: "Me and Charlotte have that relationship where we always have a laugh, we both can get with other people but we always end up back together."

Oo-er, we bet Anita won't be too happy to hear that!

Gary Beadle and Anita Kaushik go on stargazing date, Ex On The Beach, Episode 5
24 February


Ahead of Charlotte's arrival, things had been hotting up between Anita and Gaz.

And even though Anita's ex-boyfriend Joe is now settling into the villa, that doesn't seem to have put Gary off his game.

"Now [Joe is] in the mix it makes things more exciting and harder," he said. "[It makes] me more keen to get there."

Despite initially feeling guilty about getting together with Gary, it seems Anita just can't resist the Geordie Shore star's charms. And after enjoying a romantic star-gazing date, it's not long before she and Gaz are climbing into bed together...

That can only mean one thing, right? Drama, drama, drama.

Ex On The Beach continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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