Exclusive: EOTB 2's Adam Gabriel: "I don't want girls to be put off by Kayleigh"

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Ex On The Beach 2 star Adam Gabriel has admitted he is worried girls won't want to date him because of his ex-girlfriend Kayleigh Morris.

Club promoter Adam was the first ex to arrive at the villa - much to the annoyance of his former flame Kayleigh. Unsurprisingly she wasn't best pleased to see her ex-beau and tensions have been rising between the pair ever since.

While Kayleigh admits she is still heartbroken from their failed romance, Adam has openly said he will never go back there. Although, he's now worried his ex-girlfriend may have knocked his chances when it comes to dating again!

Adam Gabriel, Ex On The Beach
27 January


Speaking exclusively to Reveal, Adam said: "I don't want girls to think that I'm unapproachable because they're scared of my ex-girlfriend coming after them!"

Since Adam's arrival on Ex On The Beach, viewers have seen Kayleigh losing her cool every time he gets close to another girl in the villa.

Things first kicked off when Adam chose to stay on a date with Anita Kaushik instead of meeting Kayleigh to talk. Then, Adam kissed Kayleigh's BFF on the show, Loren Green, and now he's wooing newcomer Emily Colley.

But with Kayleigh constantly getting upset, the 23-year-old is worried he might not ever be able to move on.

Adam Gabriel arrives to the beach, Ex On The Beach, Episode 1
27 January


Kayleigh Morris meets ex Adam Gabriel on the beach, Ex On The Beach, Episode 1
27 January


Kayleigh and Adam first met over two-and-a-half years ago in a nightclub and were in a relationship for a year. But while Kayleigh says the pair's romance ended because Adam cheated on her, he insists he was always faithful.

"I never cheated on Kayleigh," Adam tells us. "But I warned her from the beginning, if I found her checking my phone, then that was the end – no matter what she found on there."

Kayleigh Morris talks ex-boyfriend Adam Gabriel's arrival, Ex On The Beach
28 January


With things ending on a sour note between them, it's unsurpising Kayleigh was a little shocked to see Adam turning up on the show.

In a clip on the MTV website, she said: "I had no idea he was going to turn up. I couldn't even get up and greet him my legs were just trembling. The problem I've got with Adam is that when I'm with him, I want to be with him. I don't like anyone else speaking to him, talking to him, I'm very possessive in that sense."

After constant arguing, viewers have since seen Kayleigh confiding in Adam.

Getting tearful, she said: "Being around you I can't cope, you make me so miserable. I don't even know why I want you. I'm broken to pieces."

Will the pair ever get back to being on friendly terms?

We guess we'll have to wait and see.

Ex On The Beach continues Tuesday 24 February.

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