Ex On The Beach's Anita Kaushik: "I was wary of Gaz, I tried to avoid him!"

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Ex On The Beach 2 star Anita Kaushik has admitted she wanted to avoid any romance with Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle.

Well that didn't go too well, did it?!

Last night, viewers watched as Gaz worked his charms on Anita, and it seems the Chelsea girl now has a bit of a soft spot for him.

Although when opening up on their budding romance, Anita has revealed it wasn't quite love at first sight!

Anita Kaushik talks Gaz romance, Ex On The Beach, MTV
18 February


"Initially, when I first met Gaz, I wasn't straight away attracted to him - I thought, 'Yeah it's Gaz, cool'," she said.

Speaking in a new clip posted to official MTV website, Anita admits she was a little cautious when it came to her co-star.

"I know he's got a reputation," she explained. "Coming into [Ex On The Beach], I always said I wanted to find a gentleman, someone who treats me really well. Let's be fair, everyone knows that Gaz isn't that person. I was a little bit wary of him, I did try to avoid any kind of physical contact with him straight away."

But after the Geordie lad did his best to impress her, it seems Anita may have come around.

She added: "He was constantly talking to me, paying me compliments, he sort of turned into this gentleman that I had wanted. It was so strange. I thought he was a ladies' man and a massive player."

Gary Beadle talks Anita romance, Ex On The Beach, MTV
18 February


Ex On The Beach, Anita Kaushik and Gary Beadle kiss, Episode 4
17 February


Meanwhile, Gary has made no secret of the fact he had his eyes set on the former Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model contestant.

Despite bedding co-star Melissa Reeves on his first night in the Ex On The Beach villa, Gaz admits it was always Anita he took a liking to.

"When I first walked in, I went straight up to the penthouse and said hello to everyone over the balcony. I remember looking down and I was like bang, that is who I'm getting with," he said.

"[Anita] had a yellow dress on - I can even remember the colour - and the next day I couldn't wait to get downstairs and start cracking on."

But will their romance be short-lived?!

Anita Kaushik shocked to see ex Joe Chandler, Ex On The Beach
17 February


Joe Chandler arrives to surprise ex Anita Kaushik, Ex On The Beach
17 February


Shortly after sparking up a new fling, Anita was summoned to the beach to meet the villa's new arrival - her ex, Joe Chandler.

Admitting she still "isn't fully over" her former flame, will Anita ditch Gaz to rekindle things with Joe?

Not if Gary has it his way!

Adamant he'll get his girl, the reality star claimed: "I like Anita, I'm going for Anita and that's that!"

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