Binky Felstead on Barnado's controversy: "I never intended to keep the fee"

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Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead has revealed that Barnado's have retained the £3,000 fee she was paid for fronting their recent campaign.

Over the weekend, Binky became embroiled in controversy following claims Barnardo's charity paid her money to promote a campaign, which encouraged people to shop in their retail stores to help raise money for the charity.

Binky Felstead promotes her range of lingerie at a photocall in Debenhams - 11/19/2014.

© Joe Alvarez

Now taking to Twitter last night, Binky explained: "Just wanted to confirm that I never intended to keep the fee from Barnardo's & they have retained the full 3k according to my wishes. This had always been my intention & I'm very upset by the reports today. I'm a huge supporter of this charity & always will be."

An initial report by The Sun alleged that Binky was paid £20,000 to front the campaign, and Binky hit back at the time saying she was "horrified" by the claims.

While the sum was denied by both Binky and Barnado's, a spokesperson for Barnardo's revealed Binky was in fact paid £3,000 in the deal.

Barnado's explained: "This is the first time we had agreed to pay a celebrity for a retail campaign. This was a way of testing the impact of a popular celebrity in order to appeal to a new, wider audience. This was not a decision we took lightly.

"We took a business decision to acquire the support of Alexandra (Binky) Felstead using retail profits to bring the appeal to a new and wider audience. We expected the campaign to increase our retail stock significantly and will be monitoring its impact on our sales."

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