Katie Price attacks Katie Hopkins' hygiene; calls her a vicious bully

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Katie Price has blasted CBB rival Katie Hopkins for her "foul smelling breath" and described her as a "vicious jealous bully".

The former glamour model, 36, won Celebrity Big Brother earlier this month after making the final two with Katie H. And the two made no secret of the fact they grew to despise each other in the house.

Katie Price and Katie Hopkins -  'Celebrity Big Brother' final.

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On being announced runner-up, Katie H - who became infamous after appearing on BBC1's The Apprentice - wasted no time in verbally attacking her nemesis.

She told Reveal: "There's no part of Katie Price that deserved to win. I found her turgid and tedious. She was boring. She didn't deserve her fee. She's a nobody with a pair of t*ts and those t*ts aren't that great either."

Katie Hopkins hits out at Katie Price on CBBBOTS
9 February

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Now, in an interview with The Sun On Sunday, Katie P has revealed EXACTLY what she thinks of motormouth Katie H.

She says: "At first I thought Katie had food stuck in her teeth but, when I got closer, I realised it's actually a crown on her front tooth which has gone all black. Which explains the foul smelling breath which made life hell in there."


Katie Price on ITV's This Morning - 13 February 2015.


Mum-of-five Katie P also criticised Katie H's personal hygiene saying: "She rarely showered after working out so the same clothes went back on."

Not holding back, she went on to describe Katie H's figure as like SpongeBob SquarePants when she takes her top off and added that she is "covered in unsightly moles".

Despite being described as a "vicious, jealous bully driven by deep unhappiness and greed", Katie Hopkins seemed to take the digs in good humour.

Before the interview was published, Katie H tweeted: "Katie Price's PR team have equipped her with some opinions. Do catch up with them tomorrow @TheSunNewspaper. Eloquence in action. #CBB."

After reading what had been said, she added: "'Pricey'. Funny - for one so cheap."

Somehow we don't think this feud is going to end anytime soon!

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