EOTB's Gaz: "It annoys me I slept with someone that fit & couldn't remember"

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Ex On The Beach star Gary Beadle was left a little red-faced when he failed to recognise his ex Emily Colley, and now the reality star has said he is annoyed he couldn't remember her because she was fit!

Last night, viewers watched Gaz make his arrival on Ex On The Beach, surprising his ex Melissa Reeves.

But before he could settle in, the ladies man was joined by another former flame, only he couldn't quite remember if he knew her or not.

Recalling the moment Emily emerged out of the sea, Gaz said: "It annoys me I slept with someone that fit and I couldn't remember."

Gary Beadle admits he's annoyed he didn't remember ex, Ex On The Beach
10 February


In a behind-the-scenes clip posted to the MTV website, Gaz is seen shrugging off his memory mishap, claiming: "S*** happens!"

After being told a potential ex of his could be on the way, Gary admitted the nerves began to settle in.

He said: "The most daunting thing is not knowing who your ex is going to be. I've been with a lot of people. It could of been anyone.

"Then Emily walks out and I'm thinking I've been with this girl haven't I? She said to me 'in Marbella a year ago, don't you remember?'... I was like erm no."


Emily Colley on Ex On The Beach
10 February


Not starting off well, Emily didn't seem too impressed with the Geordie Shore star forgetting her.

"Gaz couldn't even remember the situation that we'd had... that was a little bit embarrassing," she said.

Luckily for her though, the 25-year-old had two more exes who definitely did recognise her coming out of the water - Dreamboy Rogan O'Connor and personal trainer Morgan Evans.

Dismissing Gary as just a "fling", Emily seemed much more happier to be reunited with her other ex-beaus.

Although, they did find it a little strange to hear the EOTB villa was home to more than one notch on her bedpost.

Following Emily's entrance, Morgan said: "It was really weird knowing that Gaz and Rogan had both been with her, but that's Emily for you!"

Melissa Reeves and Gary Beadle, Ex On The Beach
10 February


Ex On The Beach, Melissa Reeves and Gary Beadle hottub
6 February


Meanwhile, Gary left Morgan and Rogan to chase after Emily, hoping he could pick up where he left off with blonde beauty Melissa.

Speaking about his former flame, he explained: "Seeing Melissa again was weird. I haven't seen her for like two years. The last time I saw her, I woke up and her mum brought me breakfast in bed. I got up and said 'I'll see you soon', but we both got busy and obviously we didn't."

Before her ex's arrival, Melissa had been enjoying a brief romance with 18-year-old Connor Hunter. Already bored of their fling though, she soon told Gaz she was looking for "fresh meat" and you can only guess what the pair got up to next!

"I ended up sneaking off to bed with Gary," Melissa admitted. "I've always said I'd never go back with him again... then he came into the villa, I was bored of Connor, I needed fresh meat - he was just there. I shouldn't have, but [Connor's] a young kid, he'll learn."


Ex On The Beach continues next Tuesday (17 February) at 10pm on MTV.

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