EOTB 2: Gary Beadle, Morgan Evans & Rogan Connor are in for a surprise

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Ex On The Beach stars Rogan O'Connor, Morgan Evans and Gary Beadle are left a little surprised after ex number four Emily Colley turns out to be a blast from the past for all three boys!

Yep, Emily faces a trio of former flames as she rocks up to the beach in tonight's episode.

Ready and waiting to greet her are Rogan, Morgan, Melissa Reeves and Geordie Shore's Gaz who has not long arrived himself. On seeing Emily coming out of the sea, all three lads jump up to meet her... Awkward, much?!

Emily Colley, Gary Beadle's ex, Ex On The Beach
10 February


Introducing... Emily, 24.

Emily is the latest ex to arrive on the shores of the EOTB villa and is a self-confessed "serial dater". The beauty therapist from London claims she "plays guys at their own game" and admits she enjoys being single as boys are often too clingy around her. A taste for VIP bars, the pretty brunette is an expert when it comes to getting her drinks bought for her, so it's no surprise she says her confidence is her greatest strength.

Emily's arrival leaves ladies man Gaz a little red-faced as he initially doesn't remember who she is.

Talking to his co-stars, he is seen saying: "I think I b*nged her... I get this quite a lot, but normally if I b*ng a 4/10 I won't remember. She's fit, though. I kind of recognise her face, who is she?"

Proving there's no love lost between the pair, Emily has since described Gaz as her "worst" hook up ever.


Gary Beadle and Emily Colley on EOTB, MTV
10 February


Gaz admits he didn't know who Emily was at first.

Rogan O'Connor and Emily Colley on EOTB
10 February


Rogan reconnects with ex Emily.

Meanwhile, Gaz and Emily see in their first night in the penthouse with their co-stars Rogan, Morgan and Melissa.

Catching up with her former flame, Melissa tells Gary she's after some "fresh meat" after deciding to call time on her holiday fling with Essex boy Connor Hunter.

Not surprisingly, Gary doesn't need telling twice and it isn't long before things heat up between the pair in the hottub. We're pretty sure Connor won't take to that too lightly!

Ex On The Beach, Melissa Reeves and Gary Beadle hottub
6 February


Reconnecting with yet another ex, Rogan is then spotted cosying up to Emily - does that mean his rekindled romance with Jess is already off the cards?

Following Jess' arrival, Rogan ditched Anita to pick up where he left off with his former flame.

But sidetracked by Emily, could Jess be in for the same fate as her co-star?

Ex On The Beach continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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