Katie Hopkins lashes out at 'undeserved' CBB winner Katie Price

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Katie Hopkins has lashed out at Katie Price after she won Celebrity Big Brother 2015.

Runner-up Katie H came second to former glamour model Katie P - and isn't afraid to tell us EXACTLY what she thinks of the winner...

CBB: Katie Price wins, 6 February 2015

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The morning after the Friday night live final (6 February), Katie H describes her former housemate as a "nobody with a pair of t*ts". OUCH!

She told Reveal: "There's no part of Katie Price that deserved to win. I found her turgid and tedious. She was boring. She didn't deserve her fee. Even she wasn't happy to win.

"She is used to being in a solo situation where she turns up somewhere and pouts. She's a nobody with a pair of t*ts and those t*ts aren't that great either."

'Celebrity Big Brother' TV show, Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, Britain - 06 Feb 2015
Katie Price and Katie Hopkins

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Having already called Katie P 'thick' while in the house, now Katie H elaborates: "She doesn't have the vocabulary. If she can't think of a word, she makes one up."

She also laughed off the idea that she would still be writing Katie P's speech when she renews her wedding vows to Kieran Hayler later this year.

She told us: "Pricey isn't so great at writing. I took over her column at The Sun because she's sh*t. She's not that smart, so she asked me to write her vows. I was looking forward to it because i was going to be harsh."

CBB: Katie Hopkins finishes in second place, 6 February 2015

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As well as criticising Katie P's numerous marriages, famously opinionated Katie H couldn't resist making a dig about Katie's recent health problems.

She said: "Pricey does has a revolting thing wrong with her. She has to hold her boob in all the time. I even had to wash her hair because she can't lift her arm up.

"But it's self inflicted. My mother had breast cancer and a mastectomy, so I have no sympathy for anyone who chooses to do that to herself. If you take your fee, you need to be fit enough to deliver. I was a professional in the house, unlike some."

Katie Hopkins breaks down on CBB
6 February

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However, Katie H did make SOME friends in the house, admitting she will stay friends with Michelle Visage, who came fifth.

In fact. she tells us Michelle and Calum are her winners of CBB 2015.

As well as frenemy Katie P, former Apprentice star Katie H took aim at Perez Hlton saying: "He is thoroughly hideous. An utter tw*t. Unlike my gay friends in the real world, he hung out with Nadia, wore sh*t clothes and didn't find me funny.

"Every house needs a hero and a villain, and without Perez I would have been the villain."

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